LOL: The NRA's Social Media Team Obliterates Shannon Watts' Trolling Attempt

Posted: Jun 19, 2018 5:55 PM

On Monday, the National Rifle Association posted a meme encouraging its members to carry their firearm. 

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts instantly took the tweet to mean that a man was now running the gun rights group's social media accounts. Why? Because what woman would willingly encourage women to "gain weight?"

Watts was probably dumbfounded when she learned that the person running the NRA's Twitter account, Amber Niblock, is, in fact, a woman...and she's been with the organization for 10 years.

Definitely goes against the "every gun owner is a man" narrative, right?

But Watts couldn't leave it alone. 

Sure, a new guy joined the public affairs department as the Social Media Manager. That doesn't mean he's suddenly running everything and without help.

Aren't people like Watts trying to say that women should be equal to men? If you're advocating for that then what's wrong with a man joining an all women's department? You should be applauding the fact that the NRA has (up until now) had a mostly women's department since you're all about empowering women and whatnot.

What difference does it make?

Shannon should have left it at that. She got burned. Time to cut your losses when you can.

How does someone suddenly translate someone being on a communications team as leading the entire team?

But, she had to go on another tangent.

Hey Shannon, just because his title is "Social Media Manager" doesn't mean that he's managing the entire social media team. It means he's managing a social network or working with others to help manage those accounts.

And when Twitter users didn't believe that the NRA's public affairs department was female-dominated, they took a picture as proof:

Guess you could say that was mic drop worthy.

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