Leaked YAF Memo Warns College Students To Stay Away From Turning Point USA

Posted: Jun 13, 2018 6:20 PM
Leaked YAF Memo Warns College Students To Stay Away From Turning Point USA

A memo from Young Americas Foundation's (YAF) Vice President and General Counsel, Kimberly Begg, has been leaked on social media. The memo from Begg tells staff members to stay clear of Turning Point USA and its founder, Charlie Kirk.

Here's what the memo said:

The Conservative Movement has historically had a healthy understanding of competition among the separate organizations. As a general rule, organizations recruited support for their programs by focusing on their own strengths—not by undermining the work of other organizations. Hard work, good ideas, and a commitment to integrity strengthened the operations of individual organizations and the Conservative Movement as a whole.

Kirk founded TPUSA with no college experience. He has taken some classes, but has not graduated. His focus has always been on building his own brand, not strengthening the Conservative Movement. 

Conservative leaders were understandably uneasy about criticizing a young, entrepreneurial conservative, who had won the trust and admiration of several successful business leaders investing in TPUSA. Most remained silent, expecting Kirk to implode or get bored and move on to another venture.

The silence of conservative leaders enabled Kirk to build TPUSA at a fast pace. Kirk reported that 20,000 supporters gave a total of $9.8 million to TPUSA in 2017. This is double the amount he raised for TPUSA in 2016.

The long-term damage TPUSA could inflict on conservative students and the Conservative Movement can no longer be ignored. 

Although it runs counter to our instincts to advise students against becoming involved with other organizations, students deserved to be warned about TPUSA.

Once TPUSA's Communications Director, Candace Owens, received word of the leak, she tweeted multiple responses:

The tweets have since been deleted.

The leaked memo comes after Owens posted controversial remarks on Twitter about the #MeToo movement

Neither YAF or TPUSA responded to Townhall's request for comment.