Multiple Gun Stores Mock Dick's Sporting Good With Awesome New Signage

Posted: May 26, 2018 3:00 PM
Multiple Gun Stores Mock Dick's Sporting Good With Awesome New Signage

Now that Dick's Sporting Good has alienated Second Amendment supporters, gun stores across the nation are using the sporting goods' store's mistakes to promote their businesses.

Boyert Shooting Center in Katy, Texas made fun of Dick's with their latest sign:

"It was meant to have people react to it and hopefully most understand that we are referring to the company and not an individual. We have had a lot of people come in and tell us they love the sign," Program Director Travis Clark told The Houston Chronicle. 

According to Clark, the response has been fairly positive.

Boyert also decided to offer a discount in honor of Springfield's decision to cut ties with the sporting goods company. They held a one-day sale 

From their website:



MEMBERS: 05/11/18 - 05/13/18

PUBLIC: 05/12/18 - 05/13/18

In honor of Springfield Armory cutting off DICK’S from selling their products due to DICK’S hiring of anti-2nd Amendment Lobbyists, we will be featuring a Springfield Armory “DONE WITH DICK’S” Blowout Sale this weekend at both of our locations.

Pricing and locations are listed below. This is a huge opportunity to SAVE HUGE on our entire line of Springfield firearms, but don't wait too long because it is only while supplies last!

We'll also be offering 10% OFF any Springfield holsters and accessories.

The sale will open to the public this Saturday and Sunday, however, Members will get first dibs starting this Friday.

The sale cannot be combined with any other promotions and we will be accepting call-in orders in case you can't make it to our stores. We have limited quantities of these firearms so, again, don't wait too long!

This is going to be an opportunity you definitely won't want to miss!

A pawn shop in Little River, South Carolina also decided to poke fun of Dick's Sporting Goods:

The sign was put up a few days before the deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. According to pawnbroker Brad Stamper, most people are receptive to the sign. 

“It’s about 99 percent support,” Stamper told WMBF-TV. “Our phone’s ringing off the hook.”

Stamper said the shop has received supportive phone calls from callers in Texas, Missouri, Florida and Colorado.

Stamper recently took to Facebook to post a statement about their sign, which was shared on the company's Facebook page:

Barb Davey and myself just want to thank all the supporters that have supported the sign we have in front of our PawnShop Crossroads Pawn & Guns. We have had so many supporters and hundreds of phone calls a day to the store with everyone from all over the world supporting us and saying we are doing a great job. This sign was not posted to promote violence, but to promote our 2nd Amendment and freedom of speech that we are suppose to have in America. Our hearts go out to all of the families that have been effected by those tragic events that has taken place at schools and events. Instead of people being negative towards us which hasn’t been but about 10% we should be focusing on how to better secure our schools and events. How many shootings happen in the White House or Airports. None so whatever measures they are taking at those locations should be implemented into our schools to protect our children and people at large events. America has the funds to do this so we need to come together as one to make this happen. Again thanks to everybody that has called, messaged, shared or commented on our sign we very much appreciate it. Our story has made it world wide and all over the news, radio, talk shows and social media. It’s time to make a statement and stand up for our rights!!