WATCH: Texas Police Department Has Intense Stand Off With Open Carry Activists

Posted: Mar 28, 2018 6:45 PM
WATCH: Texas Police Department Has Intense Stand Off With Open Carry Activists

A showdown is currently taking place between open carry activists and law enforcement officials in Olmos Park, Texas. 

The incident began on Monday when CJ Grisham, the founder of Open Carry Texas (OCT), put in a call to Olmos Park Police Chief Rene Valenciano. Grisham questioned Valenciano's stance on open carry and whether or not open carry activists would have issues if a demonstration was held in the San Antonio suburb.

“Am I going to be forced on my face — if I open carry there — at gunpoint?” Grisham asked Valenciano.

“I’m not even gonna respond to that question, sir, that’s a very unreasonable question to ask,” Valenciano replied. “Provided that you have a license to carry a handgun and you are not committing any criminal activity, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

Here's a video recording of the call:

On Tuesday, Grisham and a handful of other open carry activists held a demonstration in Olmos Park to show their support for the Second Amendment. It wasn't long before Chief Valenciano and other members of his department showed up to arrest demonstrators. 

When demonstrators Grisham, Jim Everard and Joanna Castro refused to cooperate with officers, they were detained. Grisham was eventually tased in the back before being subdued. When he fell to the ground from the tasing, he hit the back of his head and sustained a laceration.

In the video below, you can hear Chief Valenciano tell fire officials to stand down because the scene was not contained.

New Horizon Houston, who was on scene with Grisham, posted a video update to YouTube to let followers know demonstrators were taken into custody. The man on camera said he had Grisham's video evidence of what happened and it would be available for public view shortly. 

In the middle of the hysteria, OCT member Amy Hedtke went on a Facebook live to update followers about the three who had been detained and what OCT knew at the time. 

According to Bexar County records, Grisham was charged with a number of things including assault of a peace officer (second-degree felony); interfering with the duties of a public servant (Class B misdemeanor); obstruction of a passageway (Class B misdemeanor); and resisting arrest (Class A misdemeanor), the Temple Daily Telegraph reported.

The Self Defense Fund, a gun rights legal defense group, paid Grisham's $13,000 bond. Grisham, Jim Everard and Joanna Castro were all released on bond sometime before 2 p.m., the Daily Telegraph reported.

Video footage of the group's release was posted on YouTube. During the video, members took photos of Grisham's injuries, including the area on his back where he was tased, the laceration on his head and his left arm, which he is heard saying he is unable to feel.

“Chief Valenciano believes the Olmos Park Police Department is above the law and appears to enjoy terrorizing lawful gun owners,” David Amad, Vice President of Open Carry Texas, said in a statement. “Open Carry Texas will not allow such outrageous abuse by government officials against law-abiding Texans. We will fight until Olmos Park respects the constitutional rights of citizens and the laws of the State of Texas.”

Under Texas law, gun owners are legally allowed to open carry handguns with a valid license to carry. It is legal, however, for gun owners to legally open carry shotguns and rifles without a license. 

According to Open Carry Texas, it is unlawful for cities and municipalities to create stricter gun laws than state laws.

The Olmos Park Police Chief did not immediately respond to Townhall's request for comment.