WATCH: NRATV's Colion Noir Candidly Explains How to Prevent School Shootings

Posted: Feb 18, 2018 1:15 AM
WATCH: NRATV's Colion Noir Candidly Explains How to Prevent School Shootings

In a new video, NRATV host Colion Noir is rather candid about how to prevent mass shootings, particularly at schools and colleges:

There are over 300 million guns in this country, with over 300 million people. Some of those people are evil. And evil people are a resourceful bunch who know how to commit evil acts, regardless of any laws in place to prevent them from doing so. Yet we childishly cling to gun control as the only answer to deal with this evil while our kids go to unprotected schools, with unprotected teachers and unprotected classrooms. And then we're confused when our kids get slaughtered by evil people who continuously break, or in some cases pass every law to do it.

Laws only matter to the people willing to obey them. Depending on laws to prevent random acts of murder is delusional, at best, and suicidal at worst. You can't legislate evil. That's the equivalent of holding up a "no biting" sign in front of a rabid dog and expecting it not to bite you. So, instead of adding more words to our "no bite sign," how about we focus on how to stop the evil when it arises?

Gun-free zone signs don't keep guns out of schools, especially guns in the hands of mass murderers who aren't phased by signs telling them they're not supposed to bring guns into schools. 

This is something gun rights activists have been saying for a long time. 

The very definition of a criminal is someone who fails to obey the law. What makes gun control advocates think that criminals are suddenly going to follow the law if the laws are more stringent?

Adding stricter gun control laws does nothing but make it more difficult for those who do follow the law.

But you know what does? Metal detectors. 

Put metal detectors in our schools. You want to know why they have metal detectors in courthouses, airports and stadiums? Because it prevents mass murderers from getting gun into these places. Infinitely better than a sign on a window. And if a mass murderer does try to bring a gun into a school and sets the metal detectors off, guess who should be there, ready and willing to stop them? Armed guards. 

We use armed guards at banks, armed guards at jewelry stores. We used armed guards to protect everything we consider valuable. I can't think of anything more valuable than our kids. 

There should be surface-to-air missiles in front of our schools, as far as I'm concerned. So armed guards shouldn't even be a question. Hell, after Columbine, our schools should look like the damn X-Men Academy.

These are our kids, the future of our society. There's nothing more valuable. 

There is nothing more valuable than our kids. These are innocent human beings who have no say in what happens to them or the policies that are implemented that affect them. Why are we so hesitant to do everything in our power to protect them?

And, in the worst event that someone gets past all of these things, the last layer of defense against these psychos should be our teachers. 

Let the teachers be armed if they want to be armed, instead of forcing them to become defenseless human sacrifices that still result in kids dying. Give them the power to fight back so they can defend the kids you entrusted them to protect their minds and bodies in the first place. 

If teachers are more than willing to carry a firearm, we should let them. Best case scenario, they never have to touch their firearm. Worst case scenario, they have the ability to fight fire with fire. 

As we always say, "Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six."

The sad thing is you all don't even entertain these options because "we don't want evil guns in our schools" and "metal detectors would be unsightly." 

No, what it is is you don't want a visual representation of your reality. You just want to be able to continue living in your mental utopia where feeling safe is more important than being safe. We've fooled ourselves into thinking that we have a right to feel safe and we don't. We do, however, have a right to protect our lives.

Politicians and school officials are more worried about what their school looks like than what would be the most effective way of protecting the children that walk through their doors.

Are metal detectors ugly? Yes. Are they necessary? Absolutely.

We are a victim of our success. We've fooled ourselves into thinking that we're so progressive and civilized that we've somehow transcended the reach of evil, where virtue signaling and pacificism is more important than survival. 

The problem is this threat isn't coming from the outside. There isn't some outside force shooting these schools up. It's our kids, fathers, brothers, cousins and nephews. But you can't wrap your head around the threat because it's already in your house. 

So the idea of putting up metal detectors, having armed guards and arming teachers is a constant reminder that no matter how progressive you become, you can't out progress evil. You're still vulnerable and there's nothing you can do about it except prepare. 

You can't mutilate evil. You can't shame evil away. And you can't talk to it nicely. All you can do is prepare for that moment as best as you can so that when it rears its ugly head, you're in a position to fight it head on — or in the case of school shootings, the people we entrust to take care of our kids, can fight it head-on. That's what guns allow us to do.

Two things can be right at once. A gun can be used for good and a gun can be used for bad. We need to grow up and understand that guns aren't going anywhere and neither are evil people who do horrible things. So stop wasting our energy talking about ineffective gun control and start focusing on ways to actively save lives instead of moving air around the room to talk about gun control. And while we're at it, let's focus on why we're raising cold-blooded killers. Becuase we've always had guns, but kids in the past weren't shooting schools up like this.

Colion is right.

It's important for us to evaluate what has changed over the last 20 years and why kids are shooting up schools. Guns have always been a part of the American way of life but the level of respect people have for a firearm has diminished over time.