Serena Comforted By Opponent in Emotional Rogers Cup Final

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 2:30 PM
Serena Comforted By Opponent in Emotional Rogers Cup Final

Source: AP Photo/Adam Hunger

We all know Serena Williams has had her share of emotional moments on some of (perhaps all of) the world's most famous tennis courts. Accusing umpires of sexism, threatening line judges over foot faults, etc., are a few of her more notable on-court antics that first come to mind. Last weekend was no exception - we got another emotional outburst from the current No. 8 player in the world. Except, it wasn't a meltdown or anything for which she should be ashamed. It was a beautiful moment of sportsmanship between her and her opponent. 

Williams made it to the finals of the Rogers Cup in Toronto against Canadian player Bianca Andreescu on Sunday. Throughout play it was obvious that Williams was in pain. She was dealing with back spasms, and the discomfort eventually forced her to retire from the match. Williams collapsed into her chair in tears, and that's when Andreescu came over to empathize. As it turns out, she's a massive fan.

"I've watched you your whole career," the 19-year-old Canadian told Williams.

The audio then drops out because Andreescu told Serena she was an "f***ing beast." She also told Williams she knows exactly how she's feeling because she too has had her share of injuries.

You can tell from the clip that Williams clearly appreciated her opponent's gesture. When it came time to speak at the mic and address the crowd, Williams was overcome with emotion.

The past few years of Williams's career have been especially emotional because of a health scare. She's returned to prime form, but lost in the finals of three consecutive grand slams, including Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the 2019 Wimbledon.

However, lest we forget, she's won 23 of these things before.

As much as I dislike some of Serena's past on court behavior, it's heartwarming to see how important the game still is to her.

There's no denying it. She's a champion.