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Of Jihadists and Democrats

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Perusing the Wall Street Journal recently, an image caught my attention. It was a photograph of two young black people sitting in a burned-out bus shelter in front of a wall of some sort of compound. The first thought that struck me was: Is this Portland? Minneapolis? Maybe New York? Then I read the headline. “Attack Shows Jihadist Enduring Threat.” It was Mogadishu, Somalia.


That’s where we are. The destruction caused by nihilistic attention-craving violent radical Democrats in America is being confused in my mind with what nihilistic, attention-craving violent radical Islamists are doing abroad. “Our” psychopaths typically fall under the Black Lives Matter or Antifa monikers, while those in Somalia go by al Shabaab, or some other subsidiary of al Qaeda.

If anyone thinks “psychopath” is too strong a word, please watch this graphic video of a BLM “security guard” in Portland kicking the head of a young man sitting on the ground, already having been dragged out of his pickup truck and beaten senseless. He reportedly had gone to the aid of a transgender woman who’d been robbed, only to be surrounded, chased, and assailed by juvenile thugs craving attention and relevance, much like the jihadists, in their otherwise meaningless lives. In attempting to escape, the gentleman crashed his truck into a building. I imagine the terror he felt was not unlike that experienced by Western journalists, Yazidis, captured Jordanian Air Force pilots, and others realizing their fate was sealed when surrounded by bloodthirsty jihadists.

While Portland and Mogadishu are both being terrorized, though on different scales, at least the Somali Special Forces fight back against jihadists.

The Journal reported that al Shabaab militants had attacked a “popular seaside hotel” in that city. Jihadist militants assailed it with AK-47 rifles and explosives. They detonated a car bomb outside of Mogadishu’s Lido beach and then shot their way into the compound of the “upscale Elite hotel,” killing a police officer and 11 civilians. The Journal reports: “It took four hours before Somalia Special Forces reclaimed the hotel… and killed the five gunmen.”


Last I read, Portland’s Finest, as well as Oregon State Troopers, have lately taken to abandoning the field, ceding the city to an insane mob of pathetically maladjusted misanthropes whose parents must lay awake at night wondering where they went wrong with Johnnie and Janie.  Of course, I don’t much blame Portland’s police, when their putative leader, Mayor Ted Wheeler, is spiritually aligned with the troglodytes wreaking mayhem on his city. And in Seattle the situation under the “leadership” of Mayor Jenny Durkan is hardly better, as she saw her estimable chief of police, Carmen Best, throw in the towel and retire in the face of the mayor and city council’s fecklessness, while one of her police officers tells a Black Lives Matter protester on camera that the thug had “won” and the cop was resigning from the force.

Let’s be clear. These two Democrat mayors of two of America’s largest Northwest cities represent the governing philosophy of much of the Democrat Party today. As their cities descend into anarchic, violent hell, Democrat politicians are actually endorsing the defunding of their own police departments. That is nearly the definition of insanity. Homicides in America’s 50 largest cities are up 24 percent so far this year over last. Mayor de Blasio of New York City has stripped $1 billion from the NYPD, even while crime skyrockets in the Big Apple. Murders were up 50 percent in July this year over last in that once-great city.


Yes, this is domestic terrorism we are seeing across the country, while virtually every media report risibly and ritualistically includes the gratuitous phrase “mostly peaceful protests,” or some variant, to describe the dystopian hell - their writers having all apparently drunk from the same jug of progressive purple Kool-Aid.

The thing is, the Democrat Party-jihadist connection I started out with isn’t just metaphorical. Joe Biden cut a campaign commercial to pander to Muslim Americans that is downright creepy, with Crazy Uncle Joe promising viewers that should he be elected president, he would end President Trump’s restrictions on Muslim immigration to America from jihadist hotbed countries “on Day One, on Day One.”

Joe’s words are helpfully subtitled in Urdu, apparently presuming that many American Muslims eligible to vote for Biden can’t speak English. The video is infused with sinister background music and as Biden wraps up his craven appeal to Muslim voters, images of radical, anti-Semitic Muslim legislators, like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Keith Ellison flash on screen, while male singers chant, “Raw power!”

Biden quotes the Prophet Muhammad from the Hadith, saying, “Whoever among you sees a wrong, let him change it with his hand. If he is not able, then with his tongue. If he is not able, then with his heart.”

This passage is no mere religious platitude. According to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a scholar, former Muslim and author of Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now, the invocation of that saying by Muhammad has profound meaning for Muslims. It is a call to enforce Sharia law. Ms. Ali says that to a Muslim American ear, this saying is interpreted as a refutation of the supremacy of the American Constitution and American law in favor of Islamic law – Sharia. She describes it as “vigilantism on steroids.” She continued, “I don’t know who put these words in his mouth, and I’m alarmed.” She goes on say that this passage is part of an Islamic precept known as “Commanding right and forbidding wrong,” which is a clarion call for the enforcement of Sharia law.


Ms. Ali is correct to point out that American Muslims should not be discriminated against, and she believes that Biden surely believes that is what his words were meant to convey. And I certainly agree. But Ms. Ali goes on to say that American Muslims must recognize the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land in America. Ms. Ali is very concerned about who on Biden’s campaign worked those words into his campaign ad. So am I.

America is at a crossroads this November. While every presidential election is said to be all-or-nothing, there is an eschatological feel to this one that I cannot shake. Let us hope Minneapolis resembling Mogadishu isn’t its permanent fate.

William F. Marshall has been an intelligence analyst and investigator in the government, private, and non-profit sectors for more than 33 years. He is a senior investigator for Judicial Watch, Inc., and a contributor to Townhall, American Thinker, and The Federalist. Follow him on Parler and Twitter at @BillMarshallDC1. (The views expressed are the author’s alone, and not necessarily those of Judicial Watch.)

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