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Guns are in the news again. Democrats shamelessly use every mass shooting tragedy as an opportunity to take away the God-given and constitutional rights of gun-owning Americans.

Never forget what Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff for President Barack Obama, once said: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Did you know that 41 people were shot -- seven of them killed -- over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago? Isn't that a "mass shooting?" Doesn't Democrat-controlled Chicago already have the strictest gun control in the country?

Nonetheless, I'm willing to compromise. I'm willing to give Democrats a crown jewel of what they've demanded for decades.

I want President Donald Trump to call their bluff. Democrats want "universal background checks" on all gun sales. Let's give it to them -- as soon as Democrats agree to federal government-issued photo and fingerprint ID for every voter in America.

Now there's a grand bargain. Isn't that an offer too good to refuse? Democrats claim they want to stop gun violence. They claim universal background checks are the answer. So why would they reject this offer? Are they so frightened by voter ID that they're willing to let gun violence and mass shootings continue unabated?

What's so scary about voter ID? Don't Democrats claim "election integrity" is a top priority? Aren't they worried about "foreign interference" in U.S. elections? So why isn't it a priority to prevent voter fraud?

If illegal immigrants are voting in U.S. elections, isn't that the very definition of "foreign interference"? I know, Democrats claim it's not happening. Then why are they afraid of voter ID? If illegal immigrants aren't voting, then Democrats have nothing to fear.

Plus, you get universal background checks in the bargain. It's a big win for Democrats, right? Mass shootings will instantly be prevented, right?

If it's so important for every gun buyer to undergo a background check, why shouldn't every voter's identity be confirmed? If it's a reasonable requirement for gun owners, why isn't it a reasonable requirement for voters?

I'm willing to compromise. Why aren't Democrats?

The proof of gun control's failure is Chicago and every other U.S. inner city controlled by Democrats. These cities have strict gun control but are plagued by massive gun violence.

Want more proof? Mexico might have the strictest gun control on the planet. There is one gun store in the entire country of Mexico. That didn't stop even one of the 33,000 murders in Mexico last year.

The proof is our great ally the United Kingdom. They have strict, strict gun control and a violent crime rate comparable to America's. How do liberals explain that?

Gun control doesn't work. But if it makes liberals feel all warm and fuzzy, let's compromise. President Trump, please offer background checks for every gun purchase in America, in return for voter ID for every citizen. Watch the response. Watch every liberal's head explode. Democrats will lose their minds.

Democrats will never compromise. Not even to save lives. Not even to prevent the murder of children. Democrats will never allow voter ID.

So, go ahead and make the offer, Mr. President. Call it "The Grand Bargain." They'll never take it.

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