Here's How Democrats Plan to Destroy President Trump

Posted: Aug 04, 2017 12:01 AM
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President Trump has miraculously turned the economy around. Second quarter GDP (Trump’s first full quarter as president) was far ahead of anything produced by Obama; corporate profits are soaring; job growth is phenomenal; the stock market is at all-time highs; the manufacturers optimism index is the highest in history; and the US oil rig count has doubled under Trump.

This is the Democrats worst nightmare. Despite all the chaos and firings in the Trump administration, President Trump is delivering for middle class voters. Americans don’t care about Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus or Anthony Scaramucci. They care about jobs, rising incomes, and their retirement accounts.

 Am I right? Ask the DNC. They just commissioned a poll of middle class voters. 

It found the middle-class trusts Trump by a whopping 35 points over Democrats to improve the economy. On the initial congressional ballot, middle class voters give Republicans a double-digit victory. Democrats are in deep trouble.

That’s why they have to destroy the Trump presidency. All the big government, Nanny State, establishment frauds who benefit from the gravy train…who benefit from government jobs, contracts, pensions, big spending boondoggles like global warming and Obamacare…are desperate to stop Trump. I’m talking about all of Washington, D.C.

I’m the guy who predicted Trump’s victory when no one else saw it coming. My book, “ANGRY WHITE MALE” predicted the entire Trump phenomenon. I predicted it would look exactly like “Brexit” and it did. 

Now I’ve figured out the exact plan Democrats and their allies will use to try to drive Trump from office. It’s brilliant, vicious, devious, genius. Trump’s opponents are baiting him with something so awful…so fraudulent…so vicious…he has no choice but to take the bait. And then they’ll try to hang him with it.

First, they framed Trump with their own scandal. The Democrats are the ones with a Russian scandal. Hillary is the one who sold the uranium to Russia. Hillary is the one with a “play for pay” scheme at the State Department. Hillary is the one who took bribes disguised as charitable donations to her Clinton Foundation in return for access, favors and government contracts. 

It was Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta who served on the Board of a green energy company backed by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. 

It was Podesta's brother Tony who got rich by lobbying for a Russian bank. 

It was Obama who knew about the attempts by Russia to influence America's elections and did nothing.

So, distract the masses by blaming your Russian scandal on Trump. Then slander and libel him with the mainstream media’s cooperation, using a stream of leaks and unnamed sources.

Then use those same lies and slander literally made up by The New York Times, Washington Post and CNN to justify a "Special Counsel" being named.

Then make sure he’s a big government insider and FOD (Friend of Democrats) with a hatred for Trump. Robert Mueller perfectly fits the bill. Mueller’s law firm has given 99.71% of donations to Democrats. He’s best friends with former FBI Director Comey, who also hates Trump. Then have Mueller name a team of prosecutors who have given all of their political donations to Obama and Hillary. 

This is one of the most obscene conflict of interest stories in political history. This is like asking the KKK to investigate the NAACP. This is a conspiracy in plain sight. The fix is in. But of course, the media won’t report it, because they are on the side of the conspiracy.

Then use Mueller, this vicious, conflicted ringer and deep state plant, who hates Trump and does the bidding of the Democratic Party and the entire DC establishment, to frame Trump, break every conflict of interest law, go far beyond any of his legal parameters, go after Trump’s family and lifetime business dealings, and commit massive abuse of power so obscene, that Trump has no choice but to fire him. 

Mueller is daring Trump to fire him...egging him on...begging him. Mueller's goal is so obvious it's almost comical. Mueller is dying to be a guest on "Celebrity Apprentice" so he can hear Trump say "YOU'RE FIRED."

Then when Trump inevitably fires Mueller, Democrats and "never-Trumpers" will use the corrupt, biased, Trump-hating, mainstream media to paint Trump as a bad guy with something to hide. They'll paint him as a corrupt, reckless, lawless dictator.

They'll use Trump's legal action (because a president can fire whoever he wants) to foment public outrage; coast to coast protests, civil disobedience, rioting and anarchy; impeachment proceedings; and calls for forced removal from office- for all intents and purposes, a coup against our president.

That kind of unrest in the streets would invariably lead to a loss of confidence among investors and buyers of the U.S. treasury bonds- leading to economic crisis and chaos; stock market crash; dollar crisis; debt crisis; in short, economic collapse.

Then liberals and Trump-haters get to blame it all on Trump.

Democrats know they’ve got to change the narrative- fast. They’ve got to stop Trump’s momentum. They’ve got to blame Trump and frame Trump. They will use the firing of corrupt and conflicted Special Counselor Mueller as the catalyst for all of this.

Trust me- it’s all coming. Get ready for the battle of our lives. I know where I stand. I know where 63 million Trump voters stand. We are relentless. Trump is our hero.

Mr. President, we have your back.