Obama is About to Experience "the Revenge of the Middle Class"

Posted: Aug 12, 2014 11:01 AM

Obama and the Democrats are facing a disaster at the voting booth in November. His ratings have hit all-time lows. 70 percent of the public believes America is headed in the wrong direction. In fact, right now, polls are ranking Obama the worst president since WWII— lower than even Nixon or Carter.

And Obamacare also rates at all-time lows. Remarkably, it just experienced one of the biggest month-to-month opinion drops in the history of polling.

Yet Obama and his Kool-Aid drinking Democratic supporters are so ideological, delusional and out of touch with middle class America that they don’t understand why this is happening.

My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class” is about how America is being destroyed by the “murder of the middle class.” It is important to note that this murder is not just due to misguided, inept, or amateurish policies. It is a deliberate, purposeful, and planned destruction. Every day, the middle class sees their jobs being destroyed and replaced by low wage part-time jobs and/or government checks. Every day, their bills for gasoline, electric, groceries, and health insurance goes up. Every day, their job prospects, income, and assets go down.

Little by little, the proud middle class is being forced to grovel for government checks or subsidies just to survive. It is not happening by accident, mistake, or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan and it is succeeding. How do I know? I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, where we studied this exact plan that he has been implementing for the past six years.

It took a while, but middle class Americans are finally realizing—with friends like Obama, who needs enemies? They’re finally learning to watch what Obama does, not what he says. The middle class finally understands that when Obama says he wants to “save” the middle class, the proper reaction is to reach for our wallets.

Reagan famously said, “the government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.” That applies to Obamacare, green energy, amnesty for illegal immigrants, taxes, regulations and debt. Obama’s policies are helping the super-rich, the corporate elite, and the poor. But those same policies are murdering middle class opportunity and mobility, raising costs, and destroying the livelihoods of middle class Americans.

What made the light bulb go off? What turned the middle class against Obama? In a word…Obamacare. The reason is simple. Obamacare is no longer a theory in a campaign speech. America’s middle class is now living and experiencing it firsthand.

Here's a story that sums up what is happening in the real world—outside of Washington DC. I landed at the airport last week and hailed a cab. With no prodding, and as cab drivers are prone to do, the taxi driver wanted to vent. About what? Obamacare. He believes Obamacare has ruined his life. His words, not mine.

This taxi driver had just heard from his insurance agent. He and his wife are in their late 40’s. They just found out their premium will double starting January 1st. But that’s only the start of their pain. Their co-pay istripling from $10 per doctor visit to $30. Their surgery coverage is going from 90 percent to only 80 percent. And their deductible is doubling from $500 to $1000. Add it up, and this middle class couple faces a tripling of healthcare expenses.

The reason, of course, is because Obamacare demands this middle aged couple pay to cover pregnancy, prenatal, sex change surgery, and abortions— none of which they’ll ever need in his remaining lifetime. And, of course, the middle class has to pay extra to cover the costs of the 30 million people receiving Obamacare for free.

While I don’t know if this cabbie understood the reasons why his healthcare costs were tripling, he certainly understands the effect these dramatic Obamacare cost increases will have on his middle class lifestyle.It will destroy it.

He also clearly understands his options. He said his options are to go without health insurance (now against the law) and pray no one in his family gets sick…or declare bankruptcy, give up his home in foreclosure, and move into a small apartment…or quit his job and live on the government dole. These are the choices left for middle class Americans because of Obamacare.

My personal story is similar. Before Obamacare my family’s health insurance was $500 per month. Today it’s $1,700 per month (but about to get much worse). Aetna just cancelled my policy (effective Jan. 1st). I've never been sick. They blamed it on the mandates and costs of Obamacare.

Will the new policy be $2500 per month? $3000? How high can it go? Few small businessmen can afford $30,000 or more per year for health insurance. This is a disaster. This is financial ruin. Small businessmen like me are being forced to close our businesses, or lay off employees to pay for Obamacare. That’s the death of full-time jobs in America.

This is “the murder of the middle class.” This same story is playing out across America. The middle class is being financially murdered—and now, they know it. It’s hitting their pocketbooks hard. Many conservative pundits may have predicted it before, but now, the cat is out of the bag. Obamacare is no longer a theory on paper, or political promises at a campaign rally. Obamacare is the law. People are experiencing it, and it is destroying middle class lives from coast to coast.

So finally the slumbering giant has awakened. The middle class understands the truth— Obamacare isn’t helping us. Obamacare is our enemy. We now know Obama committed fraud when he said “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” We know he lied when he said our prices would go down. We know he lied when he said our quality of care would not go down. We know he lied when he said we could keep our current doctors. We know he lied when he said Obamacare would help the economy. We know he lied when he said it wouldn’t kill jobs. We now know that Obamacare is the death of our middle class quality of life.

But that was the plan all along. It was never about improving healthcare. It was always about income redistribution to shift the cost to the middle class. It was always about making the middle class poor and dependent on government.

Yes, Obama has been successful in his purposeful plan to murder the middle class. But wait until he sees what we’re going to do to him and his Democratic allies in November. The middle class will have their revenge.