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Editor's Note: This article is authored by Demetrius Minor

When Mr. Cain suspended his campaign for President of the United States, my emotions were saturated in a tsunami of distraught, anguish, pain and anger. I made it very vocally known that I was a Cain supporter. It was not a clandestine or hidden agenda. I undeniably and unequivocally showed enthusiasm for Cain’s candidacy and movement.

I want to quickly get to the heart of the matter. Cain’s suspension hurt me emotionally in a few ways. One of the ways it affected me was the way the media treated a black conservative. I myself am a black conservative and I can say that you are always a suspect. You are target practice for the left to throw their liberals darts at.

You are constantly mocked and despised by the mainstream society. Black conservatives are a threat to the status quo and a force to be reckoned with. They refuse to be enslaved by the liberal rhetoric that does not produce substantial results, and therefore, the mainstream society constantly has a warrant out for their ideological stance.

This was highly evident in Cain’s candidacy. When I witnessed the media’s onslaught of stories regarding sexual harassment targeted towards Cain, I was engulfed with fury. These allegations, which failed to provide one shred of evidence, attacked the character of Mr. Cain. It wasn’t enough for the media to damage Cain’s attempt at the Presidency, but they wanted to derail his character being as well.

I knew this is what they would’ve done to me. They would’ve degraded and demeaned me the same way as well. They would’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me if I decided to be bold, courageous and determined to make a difference in this nation. The media knew Cain was a legit force. He was someone who threatened to dismantle Washington’s utopia of greed and selfishness and returning power to the people, and they knew he had to be stopped….even at the cost of attacking him with weapons of media manipulations, which proved to be deadly.

As someone who is a radio talk show host and journalist, I am obviously a member of the media. This made me re-evaluate the profession I partake in. The questions that media personalities are compelled to ask are: Are we educating or destroying? Are we non-bias and factual or one-sided and stuck on opinions instead of facts? Are we encouraging the American people to partake in substance and objective journalism or do we encourage smear campaigns for the sake of promoting personal agendas?

I feel that I, as a media journalist, must be willing to educate, inform and promote substantial journalism. There are always two sides to every story. Journalists should always dig deep to find the facts, not induce an opinion off sources who did not appear to be legit.

This is painful cause I know that the media can and must do better. Journalism has indeed sunk to a new low.

If the media fails to advocate fair journalism, my profession is in danger of damaging more people’s careers and lives.

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