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Building a Dam to Stop the Blue Wave

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While many in Washington were aghast at the thought that President Trump would even suggest shutting down the federal government in September over funding for the border wall and immigration reform, those of us in the heartland see the logic.

If there is even a chance of a Democrat blue wave in November that would allow them to take control of the House, does it not make sense to get the funding for the wall before the election? Why would we, or the president, take a chance on never getting the border wall we all know is essential to controlling the illegal immigration problem?

After all, building the border wall and reforming our corrupt immigration laws is what Trump, and nearly all the Republicans in the House and Senate, ran on in 2016 and are running on again in 2018. If they want Trump voters to come out in November to re-elect them, they need to deliver on that fundamental promise before the election.

The problem is that powerful establishment Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, pay lip service to the cause because they really want open borders and cheap labor. They almost certainly won't move on these issues, leading to President Trump being blamed for a shutdown and causing disappointed conservative voters to stay home because of the Republican Congress' fecklessness -- literally creating the “blue wave” they fear so much!

Blocked by their own “leadership," members of Congress have little choice but to take action to save themselves and save their majority: they must force a change in the Speaker before any budget bill is brought to the House floor for a vote. This can occur through the issuance of a motion to vacate the chair immediately upon Congress’s return from the August recess, forcing a new vote for a speaker who endorses the Trump agenda and is willing to fight for it. Of the names currently being floated around, that speaker could only be Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). 

We recognize that this is a bold move and we do not suggest that the White House nor Congressman Jordan currently endorse our position. However, we believe that Congress has little choice if it wants to save itself. 

Trump will have every incentive to endorse and fight for a true conservative like Jordan to be Speaker because he needs a Jordan to implement the people’s agenda and pressure the Senate -- not just in the September budget fight for border wall funding, but also for the next six years. 

With a speakership election in September, Republican members of Congress seeking re-election can use the severe pressure from voters in their districts as a reason to follow the president’s lead in supporting Jordan - and to save themselves. 

Electing a principled voice like Jordan to the speakership could avoid the much-dreaded shutdown by passing a budget bill that includes full funding for the border wall and at least some steps toward immigration reform, putting pressure on the Senate to pass the bill with a simple majority! That is how you build a dam to stop a blue wave!

And, if Republican voters become engaged in September about the speaker race and the border wall, why would they not enthusiastically turn out and vote in huge numbers in November to defeat Democratic senators in red states, hold the House to make sure Jordan is the Majority Speaker, and ensure that the Trump agenda -- their agenda -- moves forward with less obstruction over the next two years and beyond?

Not only will Republicans keep their jobs and power; they will create a red wave that hasn't been seen since Ronald Reagan’s second term.

Alternatively, Republican policymakers can just shrug their shoulders and be led to defeat. Or pray that a presidential veto, a move that will bolster Trump's approval rating among his base while exposing the complete failure of Congress to constituents, will save their seats in Congress and then watch their depressed voting bloc stay home in droves in November. 

The choice is theirs, but this is clearly a time for them to act in their own best interests before they drown, and our nation with them, in a socialist sea change.

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