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In Defense of Jim Jordan

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I have known Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for many years and I agree with President Trump’s statement on Thursday that Jim Jordan is one of most outstanding people one would ever meet. NBC's report, which stated that he may have known and remained silent about sexual abuse when he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University 32 years ago is nothing more than a political hit job. Here's why.
In the nine years the Ohio-based We the People Convention has been involved in the TEA Party Movement, we have learned that there are no coincidences in politics. This case, which is a textbook story about greed, opportunism, and useful idiots, is no exception.
The two main athletes accusing Jordan of knowing about the sexual abuse 32 years ago are both in serious financial and legal trouble, and one has a clear vendetta against OSU. They are likely both well aware of the $500 million financial payout being made by Michigan State to 332 female athletes who were sexually assaulted by the athletic department doctor and they saw an opportunity to get a piece of the action. Their motivation for specifically implicating Jordan, who is clearly a minor player in the full scope of this investigation, by lying about his role, is to make the story national so their potential payout will be larger.
The investigation has been ongoing since April of this year, but it is hardly a coincidence that the allegations against Jim Jordan ended up on the front page of NBC News just five days after Jim Jordan called out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for illegally withholding evidence from Congress in a televised public hearing on June 28th. These athletes became the useful idiots for a smear campaign that is designed to take out someone who is threatening those in our government who have committed crimes and are worried about going to prison.
Perkins Coie, the law firm Ohio State hired to investigate the allegations, is also the firm that funneled Hillary Clinton campaign funds to Christopher Steele, who wrote the “unverified” fake Trump dossier and paid Fusion GPS to pedal the fake document to the DOJ, FBI, and CIA as legitimate. This illegal activity is what Jim Jordan and others in Congress are exposing with their investigations. They should not be silenced by a baseless fake news narrative being peddled by partisan reporters.
It is not a coincidence that this hit piece came out five days after Jordan attacked Rosenstein for covering up this illegal activity. It was also not a coincidence that Perkins Coie tried to legitimize the accusations against Jordan by lying about contacting Jordan and suggesting he refused a request to be interviewedNow we see the same pattern we have seen by the left wing “media” over and over, accusations with no evidence repeated, again and again, to try and make people believe the lie.
So, let’s get this straight. Thirty-two years ago, Jim Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, and a doctor who worked for the athletic department had been purportedly molesting hundreds of athletes on up to 14 different athletic teams, for eight years before Jordan arrived on campus and then for another four years after he left, and the entire focus on this investigation is on Jim Jordan?
The five athletes who are accusing Congressman Jordan admit, and specifically say in one case, that “he was too embarrassed to report the abuse directly to Jordan.” They claim, though they admit that they did not tell Jordan directly, that it was “commonly known” but there is no proof of this other than hearsay.


I can tell you flat out, no one in the Ohio TEA Party movement believes this nonsense. We know this man, we know his character, and we know this is all not true. We stand by Jim Jordan and look forward to his re-election and to him continuing to fight for equal justice under the law for all of us in the months and years ahead.



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