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Liberation Day in Georgia

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As you read this, the State of Georgia has become the embodiment of the mantra that has been bubbling-up for weeks among quarantined Americans from coast to coast: “THIS MADNESS MUST END.”


So-called “average” citizens—whose wisdom and common sense far exceed that of robotic, agenda-driven media hysterics—cheered the news that Georgia governor Brian Kemp had signed an executive order to allow barber shops, hair salons, movie theaters and bowling alleys to reopen on Friday, April 24th. (Note the word allow. Kemp did not order businesses to reopen. Weird concept: he simple eased restrictions imposed which helped bend the curve of the Chinese Coronavirus.)

Predictable result? Snarling dogs from what we laughingly refer to as “journalism” in America went all howler-monkey on him. Reporters on TV—standing out in the street BY THEMSELVES but wearing masks and standing in cornfields in Iowa BY THEMSELVES but wearing masks—attacked and ridiculed Kemp for exercising his gubernatorial judgement on behalf of Georgia’s citizenry. 

The feeding frenzy unleashed by the usual suspects—CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Associated Press—produced nothing short of agenda- driven, unhinged propaganda that would have delighted Joseph Goebbels in 1930’s Germany.  Suddenly newspeople who have hailed New York’s Andrew Cuomo as exercising leadership only a governor can slammed on the anti-lock brakes to smear Brian Kemp as a knuckle-dragger from “a Southern State” (code: KKK) whose real offense is that he defeated the media’s anointed candidate Stacey Abrams in the 2018 Georgia race for governor.

But I digress.


Back in New York (fortunately not a “Southern State”) let’s consider the status quo under the direction of the sainted Andrew Cuomo:

  • The Javits Center sits empty.  Gov. Cuomo now says “oops,”  they don’t need the extra beds the U.S. Navy provided, or the field hospitals raced into Central Park by Christian nonprofit Samaritan’s Purse (which gave NY state senator Brad Hoylman an opening to smear the group as anti-gay “bigots” because they support traditional marriage. He has a bright future next time there’s a reporter opening at CNN.) 
  • The entire purpose of the stay-at-home orders were to prepare hospitals for a “potential surge” of Wuhan Coronavirus victims.  A surge that didn’t come as predicted by the models.  

Since New York hospitals were not, in fact, overwhelmed by victims, the goal posts have now been moved to “we need to stay shut down until it’s safe.” Meaning that until a Chinese Coronavirus vaccine is developed, it will never be 100% safe.  

Like Georgia governor Brian Kemp, Americans need to be smart, but we also need to get back to work. Not kowtow to hollowhead “scientists” who propose keeping everything shut for up to 18 months or more. And REALLY not following CNN president Jeff Zucker who generated headlines on his own “news” network (must be nice) by announcing that his team won’t return to their New York City offices until September at the earliest…another self-appointed “expert” who wants America to remain closed for months and months.


Rush Limbaugh noted Wednesday that the media does non-stop sob stories whenever the federal government is shut down for a few weeks (even though the furloughed gov’t workers are always made whole when funding resumes) but those same reporters-in-masks and chattering heads like CNN’s fake-quarantine Chris Cuomo are rooting for a continued shutdown as over 26 million private sector people languish out of work.  As noted above, reporters are attacking—non-stop—Brian Kemp for just wanting to start reopening even though Georgia’s hospitals are largely empty.

Following Kemp’s lead, President Trump needs to open up America now or there will be nothing to go back to in September....which is, pathetically, exactly what the media wants. Then they’ll be able to pivot and force-feed us the “New Depression” storyline-- that THEY created—between September and Election Day.

Time to—as Pat Buchanan used to say—"get the peasants with pitchforks to mount up and ride to the sound of the guns.”

Tom Tradup is V.P./News & Talk Programming at Dallas-based SALEM Radio Network. He can be reached at

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