A Threat to National Security?

Posted: Mar 23, 2021 12:01 AM
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A Threat to National Security?

Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne

I am a Christian, and I love my country. So now am I a threat to national security?

According to the radical Left, my beliefs, yes, would qualify me as someone who needs to undergo “deprogramming.” And the subsets I belong to – (1) white, (2) southern, (3) conservative, and (4) male – make me the worst kind of human being walking the earth.

That would be humorous if it were not true.

It wasn’t too long ago that all of us loved our country. It didn’t matter what race we were, what part of the country we were from, what religion we were, what political party we supported – all that went to the side when we stood each morning in schoolrooms across America to put our hands over our hearts and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. That was a good thing!

No one even fathomed kneeling during the National Anthem. Again, it didn’t matter your race, creed, color, whatever – there was unity in support of the “Red, White and Blue.”

The Founding Fathers were men to be honored and revered for having the ideals, the courage, the foresight and the wisdom to birth a country that was based on a belief in God, moral values and liberty. In our eyes there was Jesus, and then there was George Washington.

It was ideas expressed in the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence that ultimately led to the end of slavery that existed in some parts of the country and to the end of legal discrimination against Americans because of skin color.

The same values of individual freedom and limited government led to the most prosperous and generous country in the history of the world. Think about that – those who came before us created the greatest country in the history of mankind!

When I see these people out on the streets protesting America, I don’t see any of them wanting to go back to Europe, Africa, Asia or any other part of the world their ancestors came from. My people came over from the British Isles in the 1700s. I like a lot about the Brits – but I am an American! Our history is one of getting rid of kings. The history of Britain is one of setting up kings.

In most places in Africa today, it is life as it has been for thousands of years. Whoever has the most weapons runs the country. There is little economic prosperity. And the lack of quality education and the worshipping of false gods continues to be a problem. For these reasons they are impoverished and segregate themselves into tribes.

Asia is dominated by China, where national leaders enforce atheistic communism. They use weapons to enforce this totalitarianism, and if you cross the communist party, they will send police to take you away or worse.

In many Muslim countries, people of other religions are openly persecuted, physically and otherwise. Whereas China is secular totalitarianism, Islam is religious totalitarianism.

What I am saying to those who want to protest America is this: Show me a model country in the world that is better off than the United States of America. Can we improve in places? Always.

But these people who support the secular “progressive, social justice” movement don’t want to make America better. No, they want to tear our country down and install secular totalitarianism.

They hate God, they hate the Bible, they hate the Constitution, they hate America. They want to see “Christian nationalists” punished. They desire to have us eradicated from societal participation because we love America and all that she has traditionally stood for and represented.

The problem for them is, there are a whole lot of us out here, and we are not going to surrender our country without a fight. 

Tim Wildmon is president of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR). AFA is a pro-family advocacy organization with nearly a million online supporters and approximately 160,000 subscribers to its monthly flagship publication, AFA Journal.