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For months, America has witnessed widespread peaceful protests against our broken criminal justice system and racial disparities. These protests testify to a country that desperately wants reform. But we’ve also seen destruction and violence from lawless agitators and rioters. As much as America needs reform, every American needs peace and security, too.

But there’s no way to accomplish lawful and peaceful reform without spiritual unity. Americans need a shared vision of the future for what our country can be, and we need to ground that vision in the historic Christian values that first made our country great. Collective effort to move forward into a brighter and better future for the American dream requires more than just shared grievances; we need shared hopes, shared ideas and shared morals.

That’s why Trump’s recent choice of Brooke Rollins for the position of Domestic Policy Advisor is such a good thing for America. Ms. Rollins will serve as the acting director of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council, a little-known agency with big plans and a lot of power. Her appointment puts a strong person of faith and a seasoned conservative lawyer in charge of crafting the policies that will shape our country for years to come. And Trump’s decision to appoint her shows once again his commitment to unifying our country in a time of great spiritual division.

Ms. Rollins formerly served as the director of the Office of American Innovation (OAI). In that role, she helped develop and deploy vital infrastructure and modernization initiatives, like the Centers of Excellence program. But Ms. Rollins was also hugely influential in getting Trump’s landmark First Step Act passed. The First Step Act helps Americans incarcerated for non-violent crimes easily and speedily transition to a flourishing life in society. Especially today, with criminal justice reform taking center stage in America’s political discourse, the First Step Act is a shining example of what Ms. Rollins’ leadership can help accomplish. 

Before serving at OAI, Ms. Rollins worked as the CEO and president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, earning her chops tackling pressing issues for Americans today, such as healthcare, immigration and education reform. Her years of service in and out of the White House establish her as a powerful advocate for Americans on a wide range of fronts.

As director of the Domestic Policy Council, Ms. Rollins will now oversee the president’s domestic policy agenda on everything from energy and the environment to veterans’ affairs and transportation. She will also represent the president’s legislative priorities to Congress. Her strong background and decades of experience make her uniquely qualified to fulfill this role for President Trump. 

Right out of the gate, Ms. Rollins has demonstrated her commitment to fixing the problems that hurt Americans most. In her first ever public interview in her new role, she championed the cause of unity through peace, security and healing. Ms. Rollins knows that the president’s heart is with every American hurting from loss of life and loss of livelihood in the recent weeks and months. But she is confident that, with the president’s policy agenda in mind, “our greatest days are yet to come.”

 America has a rough road ahead. In just a few short months, we’ve faced a pandemic, economic hardship, and unjust deaths of African American citizens like George Floyd. More than ever before during Trump’s presidency, we need strong and visionary leadership to get the economy booming, fix our broken criminal justice system, and protect American lives. Brooke Rollins is Trump’s pick to bring that kind of leadership to our nation’s domestic policy. I think he couldn’t have made a better choice.

Timothy Head is the executive director of Faith and Freedom Coalition. 

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