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My optimism for the future of America has been rocked by my growing concern for what the left has become, the lack of a balanced media, and my fear of what a Biden victory in November would mean. The left is engaged in an all out war to take down President Trump in any way possible.


So many of us are furious and saddened by what we see on the streets of America. We see hoodlums and thugs trashing businesses, harassing citizens, murdering even children, intimidating weak politicians, and getting their way on the streets of many Democrat-controlled American cities. Whole city blocks were given over to lawless protestors while law enforcement was forced to watch as a their East Precinct was abandoned. We see citizens forced to use weapons to protect their own homes and businesses from threatening mobs. Once arrested, many rioters are too often released, free to continue their attacks.

The left, emboldened by the displays of dissatisfaction with the current administration and current poll numbers, are sure the public is behind them. But rest assured that the visible but relatively small segment of our population demonstrating does not speak for all Americans. Many do not support the extreme demands for social justice, the defunding of law enforcement, and the radical transformation of America that Democrats support.

COVID-19 has sent most responsible Americans into their homes. They’re watching the riots and the destruction. They see professional NBA and NFL players talking about wanting Colin Kaepernick to be their go-to-expert on racial justice and collectively taking a knee during the playing of our national anthem. If they do so, they’ll be amazed at how quickly many patriotic fans turn to another channel. Watching overpaid athletes taking a knee in a country that has helped them make millions of dollars playing a “game” will enrage and turn off far more than it will garner support. 


Trump supporters have seen the president they elected and who has delivered on key priorities and promises attacked daily by the far-left media. Instead of being swayed by the predominately one-sided coverage, they’re eager to surprise the pundits again by re-electing Trump to a second term. Why? Let’s count the ways.

Supporters want four more years of appointing more originalist justices to lower federal courts and hopefully to the Supreme Court. The president has successfully appointed and secured approval for nearly 200 federal judges who are already making a difference. We want more to help stop liberal judges from legislating from the bench. 

Supporters want four more years to build more wall on our Southern border. They finally have a president who is making it harder for illegal immigrants to come into this country and take jobs Americans desperately need. Most want legal immigration but not illegal immigration.

Supporters know that Trump’s policies helped unleash a vibrant economy and more jobs once, and they want him to do it again. Democrats want increased taxes, more regulations, a return to affirmative action policies, and funding for expanded entitlements. Supporters want an administration where working Americans will keep more of what they’ve earned. If you want a “living wage,” earn it.


Supporters want four more years to improve our schools. Instead of letting teachers unions control our schools, it’s time to give Americans school choice! Let parents reward excellence by choosing and funding schools that work. Competition works; it will work in education.

Supporters want four more years to stand firmly for law and order. Defunding police is insane at a time our Democrat-controlled major cities are too often unwilling to maintain order. We need a president who will support law enforcement committed to holding criminals of all races accountable and keep responsible citizens safe.

What is the Democrat’s answer to the national challenges we now face? Elect Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a shell of the man he used to be, and even the man he used to be should never even be considered to lead this great country. They hide him in his basement and give him scripts to keep him from making more embarrassing gaffes.

It’s time to secure America’s future! In November. We must not just re-elect Trump; we must expand Republican seats in the Senate and take back the House. We need to send Nancy Pelosi into retirement. We must ensure that the margin in November is so great that even cheating won’t get Democrats close!


Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. To have him speak to your group, visit or contact him at

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