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America's Post Pandemic Ten Commandments

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AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

In an effort to capitalize on the lessons learned from the current pandemic, the plain folk of America are beginning to demonstrate and demand change. They're tired of politicians and experts locked in inaction. Their changes might be summarized in 10 new and compelling commandments to guide America's future. There's been no mountain top conclave to confirm one direction, but their collective voice might just provide plain spoken guidance for our future. Here are 10 post pandemic commandments they just might rally behind to make America great again:


1. Life is difficult, unsafe, and has always carried risk. None of us get out of this alive. So, never again even think of sacrificing the economic, mental, and physical well-being of the 99.7 percent to possibly protect and save the .3 percent from any disease or disaster. 

2. No pandemic or disaster should ever be allowed to justify Draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary civil rights protected by our Constitution. Trading cherished freedoms for promised safety gives us neither!

3. Governments printing more money can never be the answer in a responsible republic. Stop giving more money; such giveaways are supporting an expectation of socialism, not maintaining a vital democratic republic. A forced transfer of wealth from those who work and saved to those who are not working and have not saved, destroys the incentives for self-reliance and rewards government dependence.

4. Tough times require tough people. Strong, resourceful citizens come from letting people handle their own problems with the help of neighbors, family, and local charities. No citizen is entitled to a basic income. No one should make more from government support than they can make from working. In America, you are responsible to earn your own way and secure your own future!

5. If people are sick, the message must be clear-"Shelter at home." Seek the treatments you need; new promising treatments are appearing daily. If you don't isolate and take care of yourself, expect to be distanced and shamed for not doing so. A healthy society isolates the sick, not the healthy! End the lockdown, and let healthy people go back to work and their lives.


6. Buy American to bring our economy back! End imports of any essential supplies or products from China unless no American alternatives are yet available. China's irresponsible response to the initial COVID-19 infestation has destroyed what trust the world has had in their communist regime. Bring back essential manufacturing to America and support them every way you can.

7. End this embarrassing analysis paralysis and let businesses open. All businesses are "essential" to those who depend on them for income and jobs. If people are free to responsibly go to a grocery store, they are responsible enough to go to any business they deem important. Individuals should have the right and the responsibility to make their own choices without undue government interference or control.

8. Defeat any politician who votes for a federal bailout for states facing bankruptcy. Never make citizens in responsible states pay for states with irresponsible planning and unchecked spending.

9. Since an expanding federal debt threatens to bankrupt future generations, put an end to automatic government budget increases. Require balanced budgets and zero-based budgeting where every department must regularly justify their reason for existence and their value in every budget cycle.

10. Don't even bother watching mainstream media news. They have been part of the effort to derail President Trump from the moment he was elected. Their headlines never change - "Everything Bad is Trump's Fault!"


Finally, and most important to remember, if you want a president who will bring back our economy and jobs, there is only one choice - re-elect President Donald Trump in November. We wanted an outsider who promised to get things done, and we gave him the job in 2016. He got things done and helped usher in the best economy in decades. He did it once, it's our job to let him have the opportunity to make America great again.

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