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Today’s Democrats fancy themselves champions of the working class—at least in public. Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) is one of them, regularly claiming to stand up for “everyday Americans” and take on “special interests.”


Porter is a voice for the powerless, don’t you see? She fights back against the powerful, don’t you get it?

There’s only one problem: Porter’s words don’t match her actions, which suggest the California “progressive” is just about as elitist as it gets. For starters, Porter is one of the Left’s strongest fundraisers, routinely courting high-dollar donations en route to raising more than $25 million last year alone. As a leading fundraiser on the House Democratic side, she outdid competitors like Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Ro Khanna (D-CA) by a wide margin. And, of course, she is no stranger to Silicon Valley fundraising parties.

It is also strange for a working class champion to treat one’s own workers poorly, but such is the case with Porter, who has repeatedly been accused of mistreating staffers on Capitol Hill. One ex-staffer alleged that Porter makes rude and racist comments behind the scenes, in addition to “ridicul[ing] people for reporting sexual harassment.” She also reportedly fired a staffer—a wounded veteran no less—for allegedly giving her COVID.

Then there is Porter’s sketchy deal with the University of California Irvine. While lamenting the high cost of living in her district, Porter used her UC Irvine affiliation to purchase a four-bedroom, three-bath residence for well below market price. Despite a typical house costing $1 million or more in Orange County, UC Irvine subsidized Porter’s home in 2011, allowing her to spend only $523,000 as a faculty member. Yet, despite no longer teaching at UC Irvine (which paid her a cushy $258,000 per year), Porter continues to reap the benefits of subsidized housing in her district.


This is a blatant campaign finance law violation, as my organization recently made clear in a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). According to the complaint, Porter clearly took advantage of California taxpayers and the UC system by benefitting from the subsidized affordable housing offered by UC Irvine in a pricey housing market. The subsidization of Porter’s luxurious living is essentially an illegal campaign contribution, violating the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

Fortunately, the FEC is taking our complaint seriously, opening an investigation into the matter. Accountability is a top priority in the Washington swamp, and the FEC’s hard look at Porter will play a pivotal role in holding political elites accountable in 2023. American voters deserve nothing less.

But, unfortunately, the latest Porter scandal exposes a deep-rooted hypocrisy problem in America. Time after time, liberal Democrats claim to walk the walk on “equality,” “justice,” and other buzzwords of the day, only to fall exceedingly short.

President Biden is another example of a left-wing politician who leveraged his power into personal profit over decades and decades in Washington, D.C. His son, Hunter Biden, benefitted too, cashing in the connection to his father to the tune of millions of dollars in overseas business deals with avowed enemies of the United States. Potentially compromising then-Vice President Biden—not to mention U.S. national security—was no bother to Hunter, who saw an opportunity to sell his family name to Chinese communists and others.


Looking ahead to the 2024 election, which should thankfully remove the Bidens from power, Americans must be very careful with their trust and their vote. Don’t believe the Democrats who claim to represent you. Don’t assume the best of people who play the political game for themselves and themselves alone, whether it’s Porter now running for a Senate seat or Biden desperate for re-election. Vet your politicians properly and cast your votes accordingly, exposing hypocrisy.

The less you trust Washington, D.C., the better. After all, Porter, Biden, and other Democrats give everyday Americans no reason to trust them.

Now, it’s time to punish those who go back on their word—by voting them out.

Ted Harvey serves as chairman of the Committee to Defeat the President.

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