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For Democrats, Immigration Is About Winning Elections

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If Democrats really care about the plight of illegal immigrants flooding our borders, they should do a better job taking care of them before they reach voting age.


A recent Government Accountability Office investigation found the Obama administration lost track of thousands of immigrant children captured crossing U.S. borders. According to the Washington Free Beacon, of the 53,518 children captured crossing the borders in 2014, federal officials only "followed up with just 2.2 percent."

The investigation also uncovered that the Office of Refugee Resettlement "failed to properly track children," endangering these kids and "leaving them vulnerable to abuse and trafficking." The report found some kids were handed off to folks who did not go through "vigorous background checks and may have criminal histories" or were "placed into homes with other illegal immigrants and non-citizens."

Way to go Democrats. And you tell us this seemingly-endless immigration dialogue is nothing about securing votes and all about goodwill and doing what Jesus would do concerning the aliens among us. Sure. One thing's for certain: Jesus wouldn't lose them. In the Bible, Jesus tells the parable about a good shepherd who owned a hundred sheep but one of them strayed so he left the ninety-nine in search of the one. (On a delightful side note: Although this truth is most likely horrifying to liberals, this scripture also shows us that God loves the "One-percent" as much as he does the ninety-nine.)

Apparently, immigration is all about winning elections and Democrats are pulling out all the stops to just that in 2016.


The Washington Examiner reports: "The Service Employees International Union is teaming convert as many of the 5 million Latino permanent residents into U.S. citizens and voters as possible before Election Day." Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill is leading the charge, telling Latinos to "get angry" over Donald Trump's supposed anti-immigrant rhetoric. During a recent conference call to rally his troops, Gutierrez trashed the GOP, suggesting Trump called "all Mexicans rapists." Additionally, in New York City, Democrats are pushing new legislation to let illegal aliens vote in local elections.

At the national level, the Obama administration is also doing its part to unravel the very fabric of America. Rather than defending one of its own agencies, Obama's Department of Justice recently joined a lawsuit against the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission in an effort to stop Alabama, Georgia and Kansas from requiring individuals to provide proof of U.S. citizenship as a qualification to vote.

That the DOJ chose to support this outrageous lawsuit rather than defend the integrity of the voting process clearly displays how far from what is right the left will go to win elections. Americans for Limited Government president Rick Manning was on-target in his response to this unconscionable power play: "Americans expect that only those eligible to exercise the right to vote will be participating in our 2016 national elections, yet the Obama Administration's lackeys at Attorney General Loretta Lynch's Justice Department are doing everything in their power to allow their new illegal alien power base to vote."


We have all witnessed the waves of illegal immigrants this administration invites with its brazen defiance of already-on-the-books immigration laws and its abject refusal to secure borders in the name of national security. To the left, it seems immigration is nothing more than a game, and illegal immigrants are the pawns they use to manipulate the system to win elections. No wonder they vehemently oppose requiring proof of citizenship or even photo IDs to ensure voting integrity. Even still, here in America there is this thing called the rule of law whereby only citizens get to vote. Despite what Democrats say, that is not discriminatory, nor is it disenfranchising.

I'm all for doing what Jesus would do, but let's begin dear Democrats, by telling the truth about why you care so much about immigration.


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