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There is one positive result of the pandemic crisis—the curtain has been pulled back on the abortion industry, and most of America does not like what they see. 


In response to COVID-19, governors across the country have banned non-essential medical procedures, which include abortion in several states. Following these statewide bans, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers made their outrage known, going so far as attempting to recruit backup from the Supreme Court. Killing your baby is “constitutionally protected,” they protest, even amid a global pandemic that requires cooperation across multiple sectors to successfully squash. The irony of them battling a ban instated to save lives instead of murdering more is lost on them. 

Governors are banning abortions, along with many other non-essential procedures, to preserve precious medical resources for those who need it most. As a former Planned Parenthood Center Manager of nearly two decades who has since emerged on the other side, I know how often abortions result in medical complications that require emergency surgery. Under the current state, our country is in, we cannot afford to continue abortions. They would deplete an already thin-stretched medical field of its valuable space and equipment that’s being used to help revive the most vulnerable who are suffering from the virus and protect their doctors and nurses. 


Early in the pandemic, when Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared abortion as non-essential, the abortion industry sought to overturn the ban. When a lower court judge upheld the governor’s ruling, they filed with the U.S. Supreme Court. However, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that chemical abortions could continue. They withdrew their case before the U.S. Supreme Court, likely realizing the risk of forcing the conservative-leaning bench to visit the issue of abortion.

Oklahoma and Alabama also have continually changing landscapes in the abortion arena. Like Texas, their governors decreed a ban on abortions, followed by a challenge from the abortion industry and a district court judge ruling against the ban on abortion. In Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee issued an executive ruling banning all non-emergency medical procedures, including surgical abortion. Predictably, Tennessee abortion providers accused Governor Lee of “throwing abortion access into disarray” and challenged his order in court.

The abortion industry cares about one thing only, and that is the unfettered sale of their murderous deed. “Care. No matter what.” is their deceiving slogan.

But their misguided claim that they are helping women is only a tiny part of what drives this massive industry. Their main goal? The money. Abortion is the service offered by Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice providers that makes them the most money. Quite literally, they cannot afford an abortion ban. What they care about is their own bottom line.


The abortion industry knows their time is short. Another challenge will soon come before the U.S. Supreme Court. Even Justice Ginsburg, a famous crusader for abortion rights, remains a noted critic of Roe vs. Wade. Not to mention how many legal scholars have labeled the landmark ruling as bad law. Roe vs. Wade will soon fall, and pro-choice advocates will do everything they can to stall. 

Abortion must be banned in every state. Pandemic or no pandemic, there has never been a more non-essential medical procedure. 

Sue Thayer is the Director of Outreach for the pro-life organization 40 Days for Life. She worked as a Center Manager for Planned Parenthood for nearly two decades before realizing the truth about life and choosing to turn her’s around.

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