Survival is a Strategy

Posted: Oct 19, 2013 12:01 AM
Survival is a Strategy

When you’re backed up against a cliff by your enemy, and the next step is into bottomless pit, you don’t have time to negotiate how much more ground you’re willing to give. You simply grab rocks, dirt, sticks, or whatever you can get your hands on and start fighting for survival.

When your home is being invaded by armed thugs, who mean to do your harm and claim your property as their own, you don’t have time to huddle up with media consultants and strategize how to out-maneuver them. You simply fight back by whatever means necessary in order to survive and saved your loved ones.

Likewise, when the last latch on the statists’ Pandora’s Box is about to be opened, and your government is about to hit the kill switch on the greatest experiment in freedom and liberty in human history, you don’t care about what politicians who can temporarily exempt themselves from such tribulation think. You start looking around at your kids and grandkids, and realize you’re fighting for the survival of their very way of life.

Many of you who live on a planet I call “normal” know exactly what I mean by this. Unfortunately, many of your elected officials, even some of the good ones, who live in a fantasy world called “Washington, D.C.”, do not.

Your company just dropped its health insurance and has unleashed you on the Obamacare exchanges you either can’t access or afford, and you’re wondering what happened to President Obama’s promise you could keep your current plan if you wanted to. Or you just found out the cost of your existing premiums are going way up, despite the ironically titled “Affordable Healthcare Act.” You’re already barely surviving during the worst economic “recovery” in American history even before this happened. You’re already agreeing to work too many hours because it’s not like going out and getting another job is easy right now. Plus your oldest is in college, piling up the student loan debt for a degree that may not provide her job once she graduates.

Meanwhile, your elected officials whose salaries and benefits you pay for sanctimoniously rage about push polling claiming they have to go ahead and let Obamacare finish off whatever’s left of your family budget. Of course, all this polling is coming from a liberal media who are largely cheerleaders for the progressive destruction of traditional Americana, but why let good propaganda go to waste? Rather than defend you against the threat of Obamacare, these same elected officials go on television and say the best thing to do is just to let it run its course and leave your family in the dust. After all, they’re mostly exempt from its evils for the time being, so why do they care?

Heck, they actually think playing the “bad Samaritan” will make it more likely you’ll vote Republican next year.

As if you give a flying flip who controls Congress a year from now when you can’t pay your bills a week from now. But they wouldn’t know anything about that. These are the people, remember, who think the only way to avoid defaulting on their debt is to accumulate more of it. I have no idea why those who wouldn’t do everything they possibly could to stop Obamacare now when they had the chance believe you’ll entrust them to stop it later when they can’t, but that’s probably just my regressive common sense gene flaring up on me again.

And each night on Fox News there’s some “all star” panel of deep-baritone-voiced know-it-alls wringing their hands that the dreaded Tea Party has no strategy and no plan to end a government slim down 80% of Americans could care less about.

Memo to the know-it-alls: survival is a strategy.

Survival is the most basic human instinct. Survival will drive us as a species even more than money, recognition, fame, power, or sex will. For if I’m dead the rest of those basic instincts is a moot point.

We are broke, printing a fiat currency to service a debt financed by our biggest global competitor. That’s why there’s not going to be a default no matter how much wailing and gnashing of teeth you witness. The Chinese are financing our debt for several reasons, one of which being there has to be someone to sell all their goods to. They’re propping you up to prop up themselves. Not to mention every time you consume petroleum based products (which accounts for 6,000 items currently available for purchase), you’re at least partially funding the very Islamists we’re currently at war with.

In other words, the know-it-alls are defending a system that puts us at the mercy of our enemies. Sheer brilliance! And we’re the anarchists?

This is not a prescription for short-term survival, let alone long-term planning. And that’s not even counting the moral and spiritual decay rotting at the soul of our nation. The clock is ticking here, and if this culture war were a football game we’d be at the 2-minute warning. We’re down on the scoreboard, but not out. If we get back on the field and start fighting, we could get the momentum back. But instead of playing the game, our current coaches want to watch more film and hold press conferences while the other team scores touchdowns unopposed.

Teaching the American people they can survive with 17% less government we already can’t afford is a win. Doing whatever it takes to stop Obamacare from finishing off the republic is a win. More than winning, it’s a necessity. While the know-it-alls pontificate from on-high we’re dying out here in the cheap seats. While they pour over polling data that will be yesterday’s news 20 minutes from now, we’re pouring over family budgets where there’s too much month and not enough money.

If you can’t see how dire the situation really is, then regardless of your ideology, religion, or party preference you’re part of the problem. Apparently we in the grassroots bought too many of the ruling class’ books and watched too many of their television shows, because we’ve provided them a standard of living that makes them immune to our struggles. They’re now taking the wealth and notoriety we provided for them, and joining the progressive statist dog pile on our Constitutional republic.

But what you know-it-alls don’t know is while the Left may be applauding you for trashing those dreaded “tea baggers” for now, they really don’t draw a distinction between you and us. So once you’re done protecting them from us, they’ll throw you out next right along with us once they’ve taken total control.

Sadly, we won’t be able to find comfort in that poetic justice. We’ll be too busy explaining to our children and grandchildren why we were the generation that failed their futures.

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