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Democrats: The Party of Death and Destruction

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The modern Democratic Party has become the party of death, division and destruction. Presently, Democrats are actively working to divide and destroy our communities, our churches, our children’s innocence, our prosperity, our industry, our culture, our president, our presumption of innocence and expectation of due process, our Constitution and rule of law, and, quite frankly, our entire way of life.


This isn’t hyperbole, it’s reality, and it’s a reality that should sadden every honest, altruistic American to their very core.

The most obvious example of this newfound Democratic reality is the literal death that has become not merely an afterthought issue of the Left, but rather a litmus test issue for nearly every candidate, entity and organization left of center—abortion.  Consider for a moment that just one decade ago Democrats were proclaiming statements like, ‘abortions should be legal and rare;’ whereas, currently every major Democrat nationally is either openly or tacitly advocating late-term abortions, and many even taxpayer-funded late-term abortions. As if late-term abortions weren’t disgusting enough, in Arizona—and across the nation sadly—Democrats like freshman legislator Jennifer Jermaine co-sponsored bills such as House Bill 2696 to allow leaving babies born alive after attempted abortions alone to die without life-saving medical care.

While the Democrats’ worship of pre-born death may be the most literal example of their depravity, it is far from an outlier. The left is actively working to sexualize our children through the disgustingly inappropriate ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’ (CSE). The CSE program and its nationwide network of advocates are calling for sexuality education to be mandated for children as young as Kindergarten with sexually explicit images, and classroom discussion beginning at age nine.


In fact, in one of the classroom discussion lesson called ‘Making A Difference’ the teacher is instructed to ask the question, “what is abstinence?” The teacher is then instructed to elicit specific responses from the children such as “mutual masturbation, holding hands, oral sex, kissing, anal sex” and the list goes on. The above CSE classroom discussion is directed to be had with children in FOURTH GRADE and has received federal funding from the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program within the Department of Health and Human Services. There is no other way to describe this than the utter death and destruction of our children’s innocence.

How about the Democrats repeated attempts to destroy due process and the presumption of innocence?   Look no further than the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the current partisan witch hunt against President Donald Trump.  As I noted in a piece I wrote during Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle, “As a society – as parents – we cannot allow this kind of mob rule to prevail, for doing so will radically alter and significantly darken the future for our children by instituting a new de facto American legal standard based on the presumption of guilt.”

The sham impeachment against our President further reinforces my point. The Democrats have thrown due process, fairness and precedent into the gutter. They have repeatedly refused to allow President Trump to have legal counsel present during the proceedings and have prohibited Republicans from calling key, material fact witnesses to testify before the committee. Democrats have even gone so far as to block a broad array of questions of material relevance by Republican committee members. This is not a fair or ethical proceeding, it is the unmitigated death of due process and justice.


Yet another embodiment of the Democrats’ plunge into the absurd is their aggressive and repeated attempts to destroy the American energy industry. For the first time in 75 years, the United States is energy independent and has become a net exporter in the global marketplace. This success has not only yielded hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs and injected billions into our national economy; it has directly birthed innovations, research, development and investments in the clean, renewable, market-based energy sources of the future. More importantly, the energy of today such as coal, oil and gas provides Americans, and the world, with a quality of life that has never been experienced in the history of mankind.

Every convenience, nutrition, technology and aspect of life is made directly possible thanks to the energy industry. Yet despite the literally world-changing benefits provided by this industry, Democrats are doubling down their rhetoric and efforts to completely obliterate it. Every leading 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful has called for an end to modern day energy technology and some have gone so far as to say energy executives should be prosecuted and jailed for their participation in the industry. And make no mistake, the Left’s repeated attempts to destroy industry and prosperity is not merely limited to energy, their destructive intentions extend to healthcare, agriculture, technology, telecommunications, banking, and others.


The culture—Hollywood, television, entertainment, art, and recently, sports—academia, journalism and media have all fallen victim to the Left’s destructive march.  

Democrats have entirely abandoned the idea of doing what’s in the best interest of the American people; instead, they’ve wholeheartedly embraced the extremism of their foundational Marxist ideology. This shift toward the fringe and the fever pitch with which they are pursuing plainly absurd and detrimental policies must, for the sake of our nation, necessitate an awakening amongst everyday Americans.

For many, our churches have remained silent for fear of losing their fellowships. Likewise, our neighbors, our friends, our family, too often have sat silently for fear of retribution by those on the Left who know all too well the tactics of division and destruction institutionalized within their modus operandi by Saul Alinsky.

We must remain silent no more. For as Dietrich Bonhoeffer so aptly stated, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” If we do not, we may very well lose our nation to the clutches of secular depravity forever.

Jake Hoffman is a contributing columnist at Townhall and the founder, president and CEO of Rally Forge, one of the nation’s top conservative digital communications and media strategy firms. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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