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It's official: The Unplanned movie has been rated R.

Unplanned will be the definitive movie on abortion and it’s appropriate that it’s rated R. Abortion is rated R.


From the moment former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson walked into my office on October 5, 2009 and told me about the abortion she had witnessed, I listened to every detail as the former Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year described what she saw.

What she described is rated R. What she participated in at America’s largest abortion provider is rated R.

The movie about her life should have this rating.

Unplanned tells the beautiful story of her journey out of the abortion industry. The movie is entertaining, fast-paced, educational and well done, but the journey does not, as the media and many politicians do, ignore the barbaric nature that is abortion. It shows not one but two abortions.

As Planned Parenthood, Governor Cuomo in New York, Governor Northam in Virginia and now many other states cheer late-term abortion and casually discuss infanticide, this film accurately calls abortion out for what it is: violent.

The MPAA does not caution moviegoers to Unplanned about profanity, nudity, or sex. They shouldn’t because there is none. There is also no other violence besides abortion. But there is violence and blood from abortion and that earned Unplanned an R rating because (say it with me if you wish) abortion is rated R.


The great (and perhaps tragic) irony in the R rating from MPAA is that many women could legally have an abortion without parental consent, but they cannot see an abortion in a movie without parental consent. Think about that. The violent surgery you can pay to have happen inside of you, you would not be able to watch happen in a movie.

On this point Unplanned nails the abortion debate in America. Those who support abortion don’t want to see it or even have it described to them. They prefer their euphemisms. And those who oppose abortion cannot imagine accurately showing one in a movie and it not be rated R.

Did Hollywood really give an R rating because they believed the movie was accurate as happened to movies like The Passion and Schindler’s List? No, they love abortion, hate this powerful story, and want to deter you from going to see it. Don’t let them.

I lived through Unplanned and have seen the movie a dozen times. I’ve watched it with large and small screening audiences. No one says they should NOT have watched it, and everyone says we all need to see this. Hollywood wants to deter the Christian base and blacklist the movie with the R rating. This should motivate pro-life people and pro-choice people to go see Unplanned and let the story speak for itself.


The movie is accurate. Abby and the hundreds of workers that have left the abortion industry don’t do so because their work is providing healthcare for women and they feel it is simply time to move to another field. They leave because abortion is rated R.

Unplanned is not a “cheesy Christian movie,” nor is it “anti-abortion propaganda.” It is accurate. It is violent. And to accurately depict Planned Parenthood and abortion you need an R rated movie. Now we have one and we all need to see it on the opening weekend of March 29th.

No one will regret seeing Unplanned. If you support abortion you will leave Unplanned with your first inclination that perhaps abortion should end. If you are pro-life you will leave with the conviction that abortion will end.

Shawn Carney is the president/CEO of 40 Days for Life, portrayed in the new movie “UNPLANNED” which releases nationwide on March 29. 

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