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Once again the left is offended by a commercial, which shows the patriotism and the traditional values that exist in most main street towns in America. Airing this past Sunday during the Golden Globes, the McDonalds ad featuring their various sign messages is one of the best commercials on the market since the “God Made a Farmer” commercial done by Dodge for the 2013 Super Bowl.


The company notes on its Tumbler page, "there's a story behind every one…that captures a moment in time and reflects the lives of the community it serves."

Yet, almost immediately those on the left started wining about how dare McDonalds try to put any good message out when they are refusing to allow the unions to take over and not jumping on the raise the minimum wage band wagon.

This comes at a time when after being considered the leader of the fast food industry, McDonalds has fallen due to more competition today then ever before and has been desperately trying to find a way to be successful in this new era of anti-trans fat, anti-taste world instituted by Michelle Obama.

This is not only about the left trying to push their distribution of wealth agenda but also about their despise for any representation of unity and showing of the American spirit.

Truth is, go into any small town across America early in the morning and I guarantee you will find a small group of seasoned seniors solving the problems not only of their community but also in the world today. These ideas are filled with the wisdom of experience and the honest dream of leaving a Country better for the next generation.

The two ideals, which the left would be thrilled to see destroyed and yet more grows out of the $1.00 McDonalds coffee then any idea or plans which have been produced by many Ivy League Professors.


Often the attack from the left is so sneaky that we don’t realize their reach until after they have already fully infiltrated and taken over or destroyed their target. However, when their motivation and options is so blatant and apparent, now is a fantastic opportunity to deliver a powerful PR blow and expose a little more of their web of deceit.

Let’s celebrate and support a Company when they put out a commercial, which celebrates the persevering spirit of America like McDonalds did with their “Signs” commercial. The only way we are going to encourage other companies to follow and stand up to the anti-capitalist bullies is to support those when they do good.

In this case your $1 will not only buy you a cup of great coffee or a few French fries, but it also buys you a great cup of American freedom.

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