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Throughout history many wars and disputes have been started over men who could not agree- however a recent study has brought cheers and high fives to members of the male gender across the globe. 


According to a Norwegian study, ”Equality in the Home,” couples who share housework have a 50 per cent higher divorce rate than couples where the woman does most of the household chores.  Because the role of housekeeper is stereotypically played by the wife, this study only looked into marriages where the man worked outside the home and even if the woman did as well, it concluded that if the man pitched in, their marriage was more likely to end. 

So does this mean husbands should choose the dog house in order to avoid divorce court?

Shakespeare might say at this point, “Is something rotten in the state of Norway?”  Let us not forget the social engineering experts have been telling us for years that equality, i.e. equal rights, was the foundation stone of modern societal evolution.  It seems things are not working out that way…at least not according to this Norwegian study.

How could the single act of helping with the household chores have such a disastrous effect on a marriage? Some theories might be woman who share chores feel more empowered and are emboldened to accomplish anything including raising children on their own.  Another more Southern theory is that women don’t want to be married to a “girly man.” 


They want someone who gives the attitude of strength and power therefore asking him to fold sheets or unload the dishwasher would be insulting.  Another thought is that if a man agrees to these mundane chores just to placate his wife, the power and the roles in the household have shifted.

Maybe it is a microcosm of some larger specter, looming in our midst.  Why would the very thing that was supposed to be so beneficial, suddenly become such a destructive force; producing the opposite results from it’s original intent.

Much ado about nothing?  Maybe not…let’s take a look at another poll, however this time it mixes gender and politics.  In this new poll released from Quinnipiac University, Women voters give President Obama a 4-point lead, thanks largely to a 56%- 38% lead among women.

The Obama campaign has targeted women as a key part of his election with the main issues being abortion rights, pay equity, and health coverage for contraception.  Breaking it down, two out of three major issues for women are tied to reproductive rights.  This was emphasized by an E-card posted by the Obama team on October 2 with the caption, “Vote like your lady parts depend on it!”


In a few weeks, the fate and future of the country and the world may be decided by 56% of women.  These women’s main concern, in the midst of this chaotic time in history, is maintaining and expanding their individual rights, to have abortions and contraception at the expense of the taxpayers.

So what do women want?  Well, I can honestly tell you what 56% of them want, and that is the right to be selfish and stupid at the same time.

So what do these two polls have in common?  Women for the first time in history are being considered as a major force in the cultural and political arena.  Culturally, this has led to higher divorce rates, politically this has led to Obama and his administration taking our country to the brink of economic and societal collapse.  I just hope all of these women sent the bill from their divorce attorneys to Gloria Steinem.

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