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Homophobia-phobia and Carl Paladino

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The Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco celebrated gay pride by featuring men in leather, posing as the disciples of Jesus at the Last Supper with whips, chains and sex toys on a Michelangelo-like table. Gay men bumped and ground each other on floats…as others simulated oral sex.


Similar displays took place in Chicago and Columbus…from men wearing large male member enhancements shaped like cones to “Dykes on Bikes” and other lesbians proudly exposing their breasts. Male transvestites, not to be outdone, also bared theirs.

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino chose not to march in the New York Gay Pride Parade saying, “that’s not the example we should be showing our children.” His opponent, Andrew Cuomo, attended that parade…. and took along his kids.

Students across the nation are being indoctrinated into homosexuality. It’s introduced in every discipline, affirmed by homosexual lecturers, read about in required reading, observed in propaganda films and acted out in plays from “Angels in America” to “The Laramie Project.” Parents who object are silenced and even arrested for trying to protect their children.

Children are being shamed and shunned for any objection to homosexuality. In some schools “tolerance circles” are used. Those who agree that homosexuality is good get to form a circle. Those opposed stand in the middle to be ridiculed.

Carl Paladino said at an Orthodox Jewish gathering in Brooklyn, “I just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don’t want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option…it isn’t.”


Paladino later added, ”I oppose the homosexual agenda, whether they call it marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership. Marriage is between a man and a woman- period.”

Mr. Cuomo said Paladino’s “statement displays a stunning homophobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality.”

In liberal New York, Cuomo is a hero and Paladino falling in the polls.

Even conservative pundits have distanced themselves from Paladino. "Racism" used to be the most dreaded charge in political discourse. "Homophobia" is taking its place. Let's call it homophobia-phobia: a fear of the mere accusation.

This fear is causing otherwise bright political observers to prove their “tolerance” by attacking those they might actually agree with. They rush to join the homosexual lobby’s clever truth-twisting at the expense sometimes of common sense and deeply held convictions. Better to join the mob in criticizing Paladino than face the humiliation of being thought of as "homophobic"!

Better to join the groupthink and please editors and publishers and advertisers who will also be targeted if they dare NOT follow the party line. Better to put our children in danger and let our homosexual friends die early deaths than report what we see and what we know than to offend (we think) homosexuals on our staffs and in our families. Their feelings are much more important to protect than our children’s hearts and minds on this issue.


The rush to groupthink and political correctness is staggering. Expressing any objection to this moral chaos gives one professional “cooties.” It’s this that drives otherwise clear thinkers to cling fearfully to the bandwagon and throw their own children overboard in order to be well-regarded by peers.

Where is the courage? Where is the critical thinking? Cuomo is the hero and Paladino the villain for NOT taking his children to witness the debauchery of a gay pride parade?

Paladino is the villain for saying homosexuality is not a preferred lifestyle? Homosexuals say that all the time. “Do you think I would choose this if I had a choice? “ said a young gay man to me on the Tyra Banks Show. I hear this repeatedly from gay men who respond to my frequent writing on the issue. “This is not a choice!” they declare repeatedly. So… we’re going to allow our children to be indoctrinated to accept homosexuality and to experiment knowing this? Reasonable homosexuals don’t even approve.

The New York Times and others added to the real hatred in this story by reporting, in conjunction with Paladino's remarks, a series of “hate crimes” against gay men. One young man tragically committed suicide when roommates made a video of his same sex activities public. Reporters accused Paladino of contributing to and being in support of their mistreatment.

So…let me get this straight…(forgive the pun). Believing in traditional marriage and holding the Biblical view of homosexuality means you believe homosexuals should be beaten and humiliated? Wanting to protect your children from indoctrination means you are unconcerned about gays goaded into committing suicide? Candidates who refuse to sign on to this madness are unworthy to lead while those embracing this irrationality more capable of rational public policy? Candidates who show courage on the issue are disqualified, but those with no moral backbone are the leaders of tomorrow? Is anyone listening?


Is there a cure for this phobia? I believe there is. It will take courage, but will actually save lives and make that of the living richer. Stop the bullying. Stop any semblance of moral superiority toward homosexuals…but hold fast to what thousands of years of human history has taught us on the issue and don’t allow the radical movement to redefine our whole society for the sake of their agenda because you have no courage.

Paladino is the hero in this race for his lack of fear. May his kind of leadership and lack of Homophobia-Phobia increase.

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