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Contradiction is common among liberal black celebrities. In fact, hip-hop artist and actor, Common, revealed such confusion as he headlined a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood during the presidential inauguration last week. I love some of the work he does through his Common Ground Foundation for kids in urban Chicago, but the multi-millionaire #BlackLivesMatter activist embodies the hypocrisy that is liberalism. (See the tragic hypocrisy in this video.)


Common, who once lamented having his own son aborted, helped to raise money for the leading killer of unarmed black lives—Planned Parenthood. His 1997 song, Retrospect For Life, is filled with conflict and remorse for what he heartbreakingly describes as “turning a woman’s womb into a tomb.” The song was praised by many in the music industry for its poignancy. It rightfully illuminates the selfishness of abortion. These are Common’s lyrics filled with pained reflection:

Must have really thought I was god to take the life of my son

I could have sacrificed going out

To think my homies who did it I used to joke about, from now on

I’ma use self control instead of birth control

Cause $315 ain’t worth your soul

I wonder how much he was paid to shill for a corrupt life-taking enterprise last Thursday night in DC? Was it worth his soul? Is it worth anyone’s soul?

I’m a father of four (two of whom are adopted). I can’t imagine ever wondering who my child could have been. Unlike many other mistakes in life, abortion is unerasable. My heart goes out to those who’ve bought the pro-abortion lie. There is healing for the post-abortive; I pray one day that Common will go on that journey.

“Though his death was at our greed, with no one else to blame,” Common’s lyrics continue. Yes. Abortion equals greed. He nailed the central issue. Not only does abortion sacrifice someone else’s life, it is a billion-dollar industry that doesn’t care about your internal conflict, only that you commit a defenseless life into their blood-stained hands. And then…Common dismisses the grief and the irresponsibility and seems to plug Planned Parenthood:


I wouldn’t choose any other to mother my understanding

But I want our parenthood to come from planning

Planned Parenthood just opened up a mega-abortion mill in DC where “religious leaders” recently (mostly black “ministers” who apparently subscribe to the “gospel of delusion”) blessed the work of the killing center. The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington called the abortion center’s actions, “sacred work”, as the spiritualists basked in their own ignorance. I invite them to go a few blocks over to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and see what happened when religious leaders praised or ignored the killing of the innocent.

So, it is this “sacred work” that Common supported with his time and pescatarian-fueled energy. Wait. There’s another contradiction. In 2006 Common did a ‘Go Vegan’ ad campaign for PETA decrying the killing of animals. In an interview during the PETA photo shoot, Common provided this eloquence: “When I think about, like, killing animals and eating them, it’s like, man, you know, that’s life man. We takin’ they life for our pleasures really, so. First of all, I start with the love of God and then, you go into the love of people, and the love of animals, you know, it’s all like connected.” He fits right in with those reverends praising the killing of innocent human life. Sure, we can’t kill animals. But human beings? Well, that’s just a personal choice.

He chose to resume killing animals when he became a pescatarian—one who supports the killing and eating of fish (which are absolutely yummy)—in 2009.


In an Instagram video of last Thursday night’s fundraiser, Common expressed why he’s shilling for Planned Propaganda: “Because as I was thinking about the honor to perform for Planned Parenthood, I thought about not only is this about our free choices that women should have to make the choices to what they wanna do with their bodies and their--but women should also have access to healthcare to have things that they need.”

FYI Common: most women have access to healthcare all around this country. And for those who don’t, or face economic hardship, there are 13,000 other taxpayer-funded medical facilities that offer far more healthcare (minus the violence of abortion) than Planned Parenthood’s 650 abortion/abortion referral centers. The “lack of access” lie is all too common. Less than 0.8% of the U.S. population depend on Planned Parenthood’s extremely limited and plummeting healthcare. Less than 2.5% of American women of reproductive age (15-44) are “served” by the abortion giant. Obviously women are receiving healthcare elsewhere.

Common insisted women should have “free choices”. (For that, women can go to the 2,500 plus pregnancy resource centers who care for both mother and child…for free…no charge…unlike Planned Parenthood.) I think he meant “free will”. Yes. We all have free will. But nobody’s free will entitles them to intentionally kill another innocent human being. Free will always has limitations and consequences. Ironically, though, he called it “free choices”. So-called “choice” is never free. There is always a monetary, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual cost to this euphemistic buzzword.


Once upon a time his pain was real. Planned Parenthood killed 323,999 sons and daughters, in one year, according to their last annual report. For a #BlackLivesMatter apologist, he conveniently ignores that Planned Parenthood kills an estimated 266 unarmed black lives in the womb every single day. More black babies are aborted than born alive in NYC, the headquarters of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood--the very definition of systemic racism. By the way, Fannie Lou Hamer, whom Common often praises, called abortion “genocide” in the black community. So, there’s that.

Yet, Common seems to have suppressed the traumatic loss of his son to help ensure that many others will regret and grieve with their own abortion-induced retrospect on life.

Sadly, liberal black leaders like Common are all too common.


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