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Corporate Bullies Demand LGBT Public Potty Policy

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Things have really gone down the toilet. Literally. Corporate America, the bastion of all things ethical, is now forcing its public potty policies on the rest of America. Why do state legislatures need to even waste time on deliberating over whether men use men’s bathrooms and women use women’s? Oh, because, in our gender-challenged culture, the needs of a deeply confused 0.1% of the population must upend a practice so common sense even a child understands it. In fact, it’s children who will end up being the ones most threatened.


I love all people. I just don’t love all their politics. Call me crazy, but we have a really hard time, as a nation, keeping our actual constitutional rights protected. I’m not a fan of trampling our First Amendment religious freedom rights and 14th Amendment “equal protection” rights with inherently unconstitutional and unequal Sexual Freedom “rights”.

Just a little reality check....

Would we let a male gym teacher, who “self-identifies” as a woman, shower with our daughters during gym class? Then why should he be able to at any other public facility under innocuously named “inclusion” bills?

Would a parent ask a complete stranger (pick any random male in the food court of a mall) to take an 11-year-old daughter to the bathroom? Then why would we voluntarily send her in with one under discriminatory “anti-discrimination” LGBT legislation?

Would we allow hormonally hyped high school teens, at whim, to decide which locker room they will use according to their gender-identity-du-jour (all, of course, which requires absolutely no evidence but a verbal say-so). Then why do we allow local city ordinances and school boards to make these gender-gutting “guidelines” a reality?

This is what LGBT “rights” groups are demanding. Defying all things science, they demand we ignore the irrefutable truth that biological sex is binary. Instead, let’s talk about feelings and being a victim because a urinal causes a gender-confused person irreparable harm. Never mind the real harm that could come to women and young girls because we decided that their privacy means nothing...that their “equal treatment” under the law isn’t as equal as their self-identifying, non-biologically-“female” counterparts.


Before an LGBT activist spits a rainbow, I’m not saying that every transgender person is violent, but demanding men have full access to women’s bathrooms (regardless of whether they can “prove” their trans cred or not) creates an understandable atmosphere of concern. Most Americans, especially parents, understand this.

Corporate bullies, like sweatshop-empire Nike and we’ll-do-business-in-countries-like-Saudi-Arabia-that-treat-women-like-subhuman-garbage Apple, felt emboldened by their win when Indiana’s GOP and Republican Governor Mike Pence caved faster than Obama’s wrist raised high by dictator Raúl Castro. What was meant to reinforce our First Amendment protections of religious liberty in a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) became a victory for those hell-bent on trampling any constitutional rights that defy the LGBTQXYZ agenda.

Georgia GOP undermined themselves by passing a watered down RFRA version to appease the gods of Big Commerce. But the gods were not satisfied. They demanded to be the porcelain Kings (or Queens) of public potty policy. The biological-male-dominated NFL, which still can’t figure out how to treat victims of their players’ domestic violence with equality, is using the whole Super Bowl carrot stick to threaten the Peach state. Actually, I heard one of their players was using that same stick to beat his girlfriend, but he’ll get away with it again. It’s his 5th offense. But he’s too valuable to bench. Shhhhhh.

Oh, and Hollywood is threatening to boycott Georgia. Nothing like the land of make-believe trying to force its morality on the real world. By the way, I notice that the Oscars still recognize binary gender in their separate male and female award categories. Disney, which relies on children who are the result of the natural union of biological males and biological females, won’t have this kind of “inequality” in modern-day America! They won’t do business in Georgia’s growing film industry. But they will be opening their new theme park in a country that has killed millions of its own dissident citizens—China—that doesn’t give a damn about inequality and brutally forces women to abort their babies via the barbaric One-Child-now-supposedly-Two-Child policy. Oh, but defending religious liberty—now that’s dangerous!


North Carolina is feeling the furious swings of Corporate bullies, too. I’m particularly amused by the NBA’s threat to withdraw the All-Star Game from the pro-transgender city of Charlotte. The city’s illegal “anti-discrimination” policy was the reason the state legislature passed the common sense, bi-partisan House Bill 2. It reiterates that State law does not include “sexual orientation”, “gender identity” or “gender expression” in statewide policy dictating bathrooms/changing rooms, access to public accommodations or employment and contracting. It affirms discrimination is unlawful based upon biological sex, not the ever-fluid categories that LGBT activists are splashing in relentless rainbow colors across the country.

The hypocrisy of these Corporate bullies is, in the immortal words of Princess Bride’s Vizzini, “inconceivable”! To the NBA, I just want to say this: If gender is merely a perception, then please--by all means--stop segregating your men’s and women’s teams. In fact, the WNBA isn’t really included on the NBA’s website except for minor mentions on the bottom of the homepage. They might as well be in the back of the bus. Oh, but wait, the NBA is all about inclusion. I’m sure the men of the NBA share locker rooms with the women of the WNBA. Oh, wait. They don’t.

In the end, American corporations’ efforts to push public policy that puts anyone in danger, ignores basic biology or denies us of guaranteed constitutional rights simply needs to be flushed.

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