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Two weeks ago, New York’s legislature imposed its radical redefinition of marriage on its citizens:  homosexual ‘marriages’ now have legal approval and will happen by month’s end.  

The law affirms the  messages of homosexual advocates who say that the sexual union of homosexual pairs is as natural and moral as that of a married husband and wife, and that children don’t need a mom and a dad.


But the damage doesn’t stop there. From the homosexual perspective, two lesbians, two homosexual men or indeed any combination of transgendered adults can parent as effectively as a family headed up by a mom and dad (a view the Obama administration supports.) (No matter that a child naturally longs for both a dad and a mom or has developmental needs that can only be met by an opposite-gender parent. The child’s needs don’t come first.) 

And marriage, redefined to include homosexuals, is now open to further redefinition to suit the homosexual lifestyle. Just a week after the New York law passed, the New York Times ran a piece promoting the practice of “flexible” monogamy, or infidelity with permissiona common practice in ‘committed’ homosexual relationships. The thesis? It ‘works’ for the homosexual community, so heterosexuals should try it too.


The cultural elites may break out the champagne for their homosexual friends, but their celebration raises a toast to a sinking ship. Societies that legitimize substitutes for traditional marriage (homosexual ‘marriage,’ civil unions, cohabitation) inevitably witness the decline of authentic marriage. And as marriage declines, family structures weaken, producing cracks in the bedrock of a stable society.

 The result? Children suffer. The research is clear:  children raised without a married mom and dad do worse on nearly every measure of child well-being. They are more likely to be truant, struggle in school, get arrested, or use drugs or alcohol. They suffer inwardly  too.  Author Elizabeth Marquardt writes movingly of the spiritual and emotional pain of children raised in fatherless homes and conceived by sperm donors (the only option for lesbian couples.) Their pain persists far into adulthood, affecting their own adult relationships. 

How to Save Your Family: Teach Your Children the Truth About Marriage


Homosexual advocates promote their messages—lies—about marriage and sexuality through entertainment, media, and the public schools.  And their propaganda has hit the mark with many young people.  Seventy percent of young adults 18-34 now support legalizing homosexual ‘marriage.’  

Be unequivocal with your children.  This is not about “fairness” or “equality.”  It’s about morality and the strength of civil society. Homosexual behavior is wrong. And homosexual relationships are not equivalent to heterosexual marriages, no matter what the New York legislature says.


The Family Research Council provides a compelling summary that documents the societal harms of same-sex marriage.  Read it and discuss with your teens and college-aged children, in particular. They (and you) need a clear sense of the harms that flow from homosexual ‘marriage.’  

Get involved. The National Organization for Marriage and Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk lead the battle to protect traditional marriage.  Get the facts and learn the arguments that help others see the truth on this issue at www.MyFamilyTalk.com. Donate, pray, and work on campaigns that protect traditional marriage.

Finally, speak up. Family and friends are the strongest influencers of others’ opinions. Don’t be silent when others express support for the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual unions. Unless we are willing to stand up for marriage, our children may grow up in a society slowly crumbling under the weight of its own perversity.

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