Ransom Does Black Dress and Pearls Better Than Yellen

Posted: Oct 27, 2013 12:01 AM

Healthcare, education, financial services. . . What can’t the Fed’s cripple? Kyle Olson, President of EAG News, joined the program to talk about the Federal Government’s most recent attempts to intrude on the education system. And Ransom says he looks better in the black dress than Janet Yellen does.

The Friday program in its entirety:

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Show Prep:

Kyle Olson, President of EAG News, joined the program to talk about the Federal Government’s most recent attempts to intrude on the education system:

Ezra Klein is an Idiot:

Big Three:

Dr. Larry Kawa joined the program to discuss his ongoing lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the arbitrary implementation of the law:

Powerful or Pitiful:

p> Nick Sorrentino, from AgainstCronyCapitalism.org, joined the program to talk about the growing cronyism between Washington DC and Wall Street:

What’s Right with Ransom:

p> Brent Littlefield, one of the last good guys in Washington, joined the program to give his take on how the GOP is fairing after the shutdown:

What’s Right with Ransom:

Dr Ben Carson joined the program to talk about Obamacare, and the increasingly lost American Dream.

What’s Right with Ransom – um. . . Or: What’s Right with Schaus:

Other News:

Well this isn’t a good trend: More people are being dropped from insurance plans than signing up for new ones.(Daily Caller)

Remember Mitt Romney’s “49 percent” comment? Yeah, about that:(CNS news)

Just keep in mind, Obama would rather negotiate with these guys than with the GOP:(Fox News)

Jared Polis wants his rich ski-town constituents to get an exemption from Obamacare:(Washington Times)

Um. . . Thanks Teacher’s Unions. I’m glad to see you’re really looking out for the wellbeing of our kids:(Fox News)

Common Core: Unions are fair, landowners are evil, and business owners are greedy. . . Right, Comrade?(Fox News)

Is this really a priority? Our Commander in Chief is concerned about the “manliness” of the Marine Corps’ hat?(NY Post)

“If you like your Dr. you can keep him. If you like your plan, you can keep it.” (Kaiser Health News)

Saudi Araba cuts ties with the US. . . That’s Mr. Obama: Making friends and influencing people everywhere he goes. (Daily Mail)

The US spent almost 4 trillion dollars on welfare. . . And what’s worse: That doesn’t surprise me. (Weekly Standard)

How to save a city from bankruptcy the “progressive” way: Raise fines, fees, taxes. (After all, it’s not as if that has ever been tried before. . . ) (CBS)

You can’t fix stupid: This Colts Player has no idea who he just played. . . (Daily Caller)

I’m pretty sure Obama’s idol growing up was Billy Mayes:(WSJ)

Progress: Slate Magazine is now arguing that death panels would be a good thing:(Slate.com)

Now we’re calling for a “secular” ten commandments? Apparently God wasn’t inclusive enough for liberals.(France24)

Dick Cheney: Former Vice President, Conservative thinker, and tea party supporter. (Another reason for the Left to hate him.): (Fox News)

The Obamacare websites need up to 5 million line of code written. . . But, yeah, it would be really intolerable if we delayed implementation by a year. . . (National Review)

Obamacare’s “progressive” and “forward-thinking” approach to healthcare: Racial segregation. (We’re not kidding.): (Daily Caller)

Obamacare enrollees are expected to join the President in the Rose Garden. Also in attendance will be a leprechaun, and a unicorn: (The Hill)

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