Bipartisan Debt Deal: Changing Nothing

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 12:01 AM
Bipartisan Debt Deal: Changing Nothing

A deal on raising the nation’s borrowing limit will yield predictable results: Nothing will change between now and next year. . . But at least some DC insiders will feel productive.

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Show Prep:

What’s Right with Ransom

Big Three:

Number Three:

Let’s start with what we already know. . . (It’s always nice to hear the media echo us.)

Number Two:

There was another moment of accidental honesty on the TV this morning.

A Bloomberg round table discussion accidentally allowed their guest to talk about entitlement reform.

Number One:

Here’s one of the many news items that have been swept under the rug while DC bickers:

Obama’s decision to talk with Iran could dump a ton of oil into the Market. . . What do you think that means for oil prices?

Other News:

The Feds are now closing drinking fountains because of the “government shutdown.” (CNSnews)

Obamacare exchanges are still not working. . . And you really can’t blame high traffic. (WashPost)

Even the NYT isn’t supportive of Obamacare’s roll-out. (breitbart)

Can we give this traffic warden some sort of a medal? (GatewayPundit)

The Program in its entirety:

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