The US Media’s Message on the Debt Ceiling: “The Sky is Falling!”

Posted: Oct 16, 2013 12:01 AM

Tad DeHaven, from Cato, weighs in on the looming default, and Ted Cruz’s plan to defund Obamacare. Not surprising, DeHaven thinks the GOP will cave – but he’s also critical of how the GOP has handled themselves thus far.

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Show Prep:

Tad DeHaven, from Cato, talked to John about the inside scoop on the debt ceiling negotiations.

Big Three:

Number Three:

No government Data during the shutdown. . . But, there is some data we can use to gauge the economy. Mike McKee reported on the NY manufacturing index for Bloomberg.

Number Two:

When, oh when, are we going to get back to Fundamentals? Yeah. . . And part of the reason stocks are ignoring some of those fundamentals? Janet Yellen.

Number One:

Hey, speaking of the Feds stepping in to cover DC’s abysmal fiscal failures:

CNBC’s Steve Liesman spoke about the Fed’s ability to cover the treasury in the event of a default.

Other News:

Wait a minute, Senate Dems call this a compromise? Unions might get a 1 year exemption from Obamacare – but you and I won’t. (TheHill)

Welcome to the new US: Obamacare regs reach 11,588,000 words. . . (CNSnews)

Principal tries to ban the Pledge of Allegiance because of the government shutdown. (JournalStar)

Even Leon Panetta is rolling his eyes at Obama. (WashPost)

The Program in its entirety:

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