Hey Liberals: Growth is Not 'Bad' for the Economy

Posted: Oct 13, 2013 12:01 AM
Hey Liberals: Growth is Not 'Bad' for the Economy

The real problem in Washington is that many don’t understand the concept of economic growth. . . Just as importantly: Many don’t understand that it is imperative to economic prosperity including survival of welfare programs. Carl Schramm, economist and columnist, pointed out that some people in Washington actually believe growth is bad for the economy.

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Carl Schramm, economist and columnist, joined the program to talk about the lack of growth in the US economy:

What’s Right with Ransom:

What’s Right with Ransom:

Rich Danker – American Principles in Action Economic Director - joined the program to discuss just how wrong Janet Yellen is for Fed Chairman. (Chairwoman?)

Powerful or Pitiful?

Pat Michaels, with Cato, joined the program to discuss the IPCC report on global warming:

Ezra Klein is an Idiot:

Other News:

Homework assignment for high schoolers: Pretend you’re on a death panel. (FoxNews)

Apparently prison security guards are “non-essential” personnel. . . The prisoners, however, are still getting paid. (FoxNews)

Obama finally decided to pay for military funerals.

Best word to attach to Boehner? “Caving.” (AP)

Reid won’t say if he’s read all the Obamacare regulations. . . Duh. He’s probably not capable of skimming through 10,300 pages of legalize. . . (CNSNews)

Yep. . . That’s government for you: The (broken) Obamacare websites cost more than private sector websites – and they work less efficiently. (Or, sometimes, not at all.) (DigitalTrends)

Then again, did anyone think the Feds could actually pull off a highly sophisticated technological process? Didn't think so. (WashingtonPost)

Andrea Mitchell gets a bit uncomfortable when her Republican guest refuses to accept her narrative. (MRCTV)

Obama hits a new low with his “politics of pain” approach to the shutdown. (NYTimes)

A new study says that US adults are dumber than average. . . Duh: Just look at who we send to Washington. (NYPost)

The new drug dealer Fed chief is likely to continue the Bernanke policy of easy money. (Telegraph)

Obama’s meeting with some conservative columnists. . . They should brace themselves for tax trouble. (Politico)

So. . . WWII vets can’t visit their memorial, but illegals can rally on the National mall for amnesty? (Breitbart)

Maybe we should just outlaw childhood? (CBS)

Alright. . . This is low; even for Obama’s politics-of-pain-shutdown. (CNSNews)

Um. . . Of Course China doesn’t want us to default. (Bloomberg)

The Tuesday program in its entirety:

The Monday program in its entirety:

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