Obama's Nominee for Fed Chairman is “Bernanke 2.1b- Subparagraph D, Section 7, Rule 113”

Posted: Oct 10, 2013 12:01 AM

Hooray for QE Infinity! (Soon to be updated and delivered by Janet Yellen.) The Media is thrilled by Barack Obama’s nominee for Fed Chief. . . But opponents of Bernanke’s money printing policies are not so sure.

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Show Prep:

What’s Right with Ransom:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Slight sell off in crude after inventories were found to be substantially higher than expected. . . Just imagine if we actually opened up the US’s potential. . . (CNBC)

Number Two:

As you probably know – Janet Yellen will be up for confirmation as the new Fed Chairman. . . And, fans of QE are pretty much thrilled about this. . . Scarlet Fu, with Bloomberg, reported on the typical response among easy money advocates: (Bloomberg)

Number One:

That has, pretty much, been the typical response on all the morning talk shows. CNBC touched base with Democrat Congressman Van Hollen (D-MD) about Yellen. (CNBC)

Other News:

Andrea Mitchell gets a bit uncomfortable when her Republican guest refuses to accept her narrative. (MRCTV)

Obama hits a new low with his “politics of pain” approach to the shutdown. (NYTimes)

A new study says that US adults are dumber than average. . . Duh: Just look at who we send to Washington. (NYPost)

The new drug dealer Fed chief is likely to continue the Bernanke policy of easy money. (Telegraph)

Obama’s meeting with some conservative columnists. . . They should brace themselves for tax trouble. (Politico)

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