Gun Grabbers Beware the Tides of Snark

Posted: Sep 15, 2013 12:01 AM
Gun Grabbers Beware the Tides of Snark
This week we had Elbert Guillory, Michael Tanner from Cato, former Congressman, presidential candidate and current gubernatorial candidate, Tom Tancredo, and Heartland's Joy Pullman, plus two episodes of What's Right With Ransom. And Ed Schultz from MSNBC made up the Ezra Klein is an Idiot moment for the week.   

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Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory joined the program to discuss his Free At Last PAC and the lost message of the GOP:


Michael Tanner, from Cato, joined the show to discuss the Obamacare implementation train wreck.

Tom Tancredo, one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates for Colorado, joined the program to discuss the strange political climate forming in the once red state:

Joy Pullman, with the Heartland Institute, joined the program to discuss the dangers of Common Core education standards.

Ezra Klein is still an idiot. . . Featuring Ed Shultz:

What’s Right With Ransom:

What’s Right with Ransom II:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Uh Oh. . . Looks like there is a new economic advisor for Obama. But, don’t worry, I’m sure this one will be real balanced with an eye toward free markets. . .

Number Two:

Here’s part of the problem: For five years our markets have been suffering with unbelievable uncertainty. To highlight this point, here’s Garry Parr, Vice Chairman at Lazard, talking about the steps (or lack thereof) that have been taken since the financial crises.

Number One:

Here’s a new twist on economic advice: Where to go if you want to lose money.

Remember: They’re pundits. Not advisors.  

Other News:

John Kerry said Assad could hand over his chemical weapons. . . And the State Department said he was making the point that Assad would never comply with such a request.

And then Obama agrees to a deal that sounds awfully similar to what the State Department just said Assad would never agree to. . .

More illustration of the Obama Administration’s complete lack of coordination and principle.

OH GOOD! More Obamacare Fines!

Um. . . Can I have Jack Lew run my bank account?

Don’t forget about 9/11. . . Either one of them.

Um, *Ahem*. . . HOORAY!!! Message from Colorado to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Get Lost.”

Yeah, I guess Obama just showed the world who’s boss. . .

And let’s not forget Obama’s stewardship of the “war on terror.”

Listen up Obama: The Ransom Notes Radio crew needs some stimulus.

The CIA is giving guns to Syrian Rebels. . . With all the Jihadists in the area I certainly hope the CIA are running universal background checks – and banning all “military-style” assault rifles.

On Syria, the NYT is asking: Who do you Trust?

Remember that IRS scandal? Yeah, it just got worse.

Just defund the law! Stop with this “Delay” and “compromise” approach. . . Then again, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

Upon seeing this story, Michael Schaus screamed out “Why aren’t we doing live coverage of this event?!”

What is a Journalist? Have any of these people actually read the Constitution?

Brilliant Read on Syria.

“Trust us” is a laughable motto for the government. . . And here’s more proof.