What Plan?

Posted: Sep 11, 2013 12:01 AM
What Plan?

It is becoming more and more apparent that our illustrious leaders have no idea what they’re doing. Syria, quantitative easing, historic recalls. . . Tom Tancredo, possible future governor of Colorado, joined the program to discuss the disconnect between the government and the citizens.

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Show Prep:

Tom Tancredo, one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates for Colorado, joined the program to discuss the strange political climate forming in the once red state:


What’s Right with Ransom?

Big Three:

Number Three:

Everyone is trying to figure out why the economy is not creating any jobs. . . Of course, some people (AHEM*MikeMcKee*AHEM) are ready to blame anything - other than Obama.

Number Two:

Of course some people aren’t afraid to put blame for our week recovery where it is due.

Number One:

Despite all the uncertainty out there, there still seems to be upward moment. . . Why?

Other News:

John Kerry said Assad could hand over his chemical weapons. . . And the State Department said he was making the point that Assad would never comply with such a request.

And then Obama agrees to a deal that sounds awfully similar to what the State Department just said Assad would never agree to. . .

More illustration of the Obama Administration’s complete lack of coordination and principle.

OH GOOD! More Obamacare Fines!

Um. . . Can I have Jack Lew run my bank account?

The full program, from start to finish, for your educational benefit: