Obama is the Anti-Coolidge

Posted: Aug 10, 2013 12:03 AM
Obama is the Anti-Coolidge

Amity Shlaes, author of Coolidge, joined the program to talk about the tools necessary for real economic prosperity, and the mistakes of today’s White House.

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Show Prep:

Ezra Klein is an Idiot:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Well. . . There’s some good news: Consumers aren’t spending on their credit cards quite as much as the Federal government is. It turns out we’re actually acting kinda responsible:

Number Two:

QE has a ton of side effects. . . But one particularly troubling side effect is its impact on the repurchasing market. Apparently the Fed’s massive buying of bonds is putting a crunch on the repo market.

Number One:

Of course there are some “positive” aspects to QE. . . According to our radiant and brilliant Scarlet Fu, Equities are back.

Stocks in the News:

Amity Shlaes joined the program to discuss her recent book on Calvin Coolidge.

Other News:

I bet this would be news if the IRS was targeting reporters.

Yeah. . . Alec Baldwin, on for an hour every Friday night, will TOTALLY bring MSNBC back into the game.

Wow. I guess this form of debt modification never dawned on me.

So this whole “war on terror” thing seems to be going real well under Obama. Pretty soon we’re going to have to close our embassies in Detroit as well.

The full program, from start to finish, for your educational benefit: