Unions Heart Republicans

Posted: Aug 07, 2013 12:01 AM

Could it be that Unions are beginning to like Republicans???? Well – no. But they do hate Obamacare; and let’s face it: That’s a start. Shawn Mitchell joins the program to discuss the failure of President Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

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Show Prep:

What’s Right with Ransom (and what’s wrong with the Chevy Volt)

Big Three:

Number Three:

The Washington Post. . . SOLD! And, apparently, this is huge news in the isolated world of DC. Bloomberg reports.

Um. . . Let’s face it. . . No-one outside of DC cares about the Redskins either.

Number Two:

Well, the White House has a new plan to avoid talking about terrorism, US spying, Benghazi, or Obamacare: He’s going to focus on fixing the housing sector. CNBC reports.

Uh oh. . . I think Roger Schlesinger’s head just exploded. . .

Number One:

Here’s that ambiguity we’ve come to know and love from Bloomberg news: You shouldn’t expect too much from the market in the second half of this year; even though the economy’s doing great.

Stocks in the News:

Shawn Mitchell joins the program to discuss the abomination of Obamacare. . . And the left’s reluctant recognition of its failure.

Other News:

Other news:

I love small towns.

Bwahahaha – Oh, wait. . . She’s serious.

Do you think Leno will get audited after this interview?

The full program, from start to finish, for your educational benefit: