And the 2014 Woman of the Year Award Goes to….

Posted: Jul 11, 2014 12:00 PM

Yesterday, the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute honored News Editor Katie Pavlich as the 2014 Woman of the Year. The Institute was founded in 1993 to help organize and prepare conservative women for leadership.

They hold close to their mission of promoting and instilling the importance of moral values, strength of character, personal integrity and a strong work ethic. Just as Pavlich similarly works tirelessly to communicate the value of hard work, conservative values, free-market principles and mentoring young women. As Ann Coulter explains, “Without organizations like the Luce Policy Institute sending speakers like me out to campuses, those college students could go through four years of college without hearing a single conservative speaker.”

The award ceremony also celebrated the release of Pavlich’s second book, Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women, which is yet another example of her efforts to communicate a conservative perspective to those who rarely get the chance to hear an unaltered narrative. After accepting the award, Pavlich took to the podium to address the crowd of ladies gathered at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C.

You could hear a pin drop as the ladies listened in rapt attention to the untold stories left purposely out of history textbooks but brought to light in Assault and Flattery. For instance, did you know the first Congresswoman ever elected was actually a Republican? Or, despite the liberal media’s attempts to negatively spin the Hobby Lobby victory as a loss for women’s rights, the entire legal team working for Hobby Lobby was actually composed entirely of women.

Unsurprisingly, the young ladies in the crowd were quite taken with Katie. “I love Katie Pavlich and am a big fan,” one of them said to me.

When asking one young female attendee if she believed there was actually a war on women, she promptly replied saying, “I believe in the war on women – but it is actually coming from [the Left].”

Pavlich details this phenomenon in her book as she explores the sordid past of Hillary Clinton. In fact, the book features stories of Clinton defending child predators and rapists (and, no, we are not talking about Bill Clinton) and not standing up for women throughout her quest to gain power.

Katie responded to the honor saying, "I'm extremely humbled and honored to have been chosen by Clare Booth Luce as their 2014 Woman of the Year. As liberals continue to push their blind agenda and harm our country with poor policy choices, scandals, and outright lies, I’m urging conservatives to take a stand and speak the truth."

"The American people, and young women in particular, can no longer afford to let the deceptive rhetoric of the left dominate the national dialogue," she continued. "It’s truly a privilege to continue to work with my conservative colleagues in creating a more powerful voice for our cause.”