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'Stable Geniuses' Needed to Tackle Immigration Challenges

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Canada is bracing for U.S. President Donald Trump to terminate the temporary protected status of about 200,000 Salvadorans living in America, just as he did last year with Haitians, Nicaraguans and Sudanese, who had been granted the privilege because of a natural disaster in their homeland (or war, in the case of the Sudanese). Canadians could really use their own "stable genius" instead of a leader who's overly focused on how he's perceived by people who are so hopelessly deluded that they've abandoned basic self-preservation instincts.

"A very stable genius" is what Trump called himself in a tweet last week fired off in response to cable news pundits filling their echo chamber with speculation that Trump might be a few French fries short of a combo meal.

Let's face it: It doesn't take any kind of genius, let alone a stable one, to tick the right boxes. Nonetheless, this is something that Trump constantly manages to do, unlike those who fancy themselves much smarter than him.

Many on the left constantly struggle to make sound decisions. And I mean leftists, not just the average person who, despite politically correct assertions, tends towards pragmatism and common sense when he's alone with himself. Here's the difference: A true leftist will virtue-signal his illogical and self-defeating leftist values and then actually vote for a candidate who's expected to translate such idiocy into concrete action. By contrast, the average pragmatic voter will tolerate (or even echo) virtue-signaling in polite company in order to keep the peace, but then choose a fellow pragmatist like Trump in the privacy of the voting booth.

So, getting back to the immigration issue ...

Trump is set to boot tens of thousands of temporary immigrants out of the U.S., and a great many of these immigrants are likely to try their luck in Canada. According to the Canadian government's numbers, asylum claims have nearly tripled over the past two years, from 16,115 in 2015 to 45,785 through November 2017. So what is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau going to do?

Two of the primary traits of genius are adaptability and creativity. Someone possessing these two qualities could surely generate solutions to the current immigration quandaries. A true genius would come up with a way to make the surge in asylum requests work to everyone's benefit.

Processing all of these requests costs taxpayers a lot of money. One government department that always requires a lot of money is the Department of Defense. So how about making asylum contingent on refugees paying back the cost of processing, lodging and the financial support that they received by serving the country's defense sector in some capacity? Not everyone would need to be combat-ready, of course. A Defense Department also needs cooks, mechanics, builders, medics, etc. What better way to foster the integration of potential new citizens than with a crash course in their new country's language and values, in a role that requires discipline and service?

Would a stable genius do what Trudeau or Trump predecessor Barack Obama have done with the immigration problem -- that is, sit back and shrug while boring holes in taxpayers' pockets to extract increasing amounts of money for accumulating problems?

French President Emmanuel Macron is shaping up to be a stable genius in his own right. Macron used to openly praise Europe's role in welcoming half the planet on humanitarian grounds. But during a recent public appearance, he told a Moroccan woman seeking asylum in Paris, "If you're not in danger, you have to go back to your country." Macron also said, while addressing the crowd, "France is a generous country, but it cannot accommodate all the misery of the world."

Genius is a trait directly correlated with logic, and Macron's government is thinking logically in preparing to tackle leftist immigration policies in France. Just in time, too. The government office responsible for refugees has announced that it received a record 100,412 asylum requests in 2017 -- double the 2009 figure.

With the usual establishment suspects always eager to set off yet another prolonged conflict that's certain to trigger mass migration (and the accompanying security risks), the only thing standing between chaos and stability are leaders such as Trump, who hasn't had the self-preservation software he was pre-installed with at birth overwritten by a virus of political correctness.

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