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Have you noticed how many on the right have changed from being for vaccine choice to becoming anti-vaccine regarding COVID-19? It’s so subtle that most of us haven’t noticed, but there is definitely a shift taking place. This is worrisome, because a lot of elderly people with susceptible conditions are placing themselves at risk of dying without getting the vaccine. Now, what if this is because there is a secret effort on the left to push this shift, since it will result in fewer voters on the right?


A look at the data across the U.S. in counties with the same percentage of elderly people — the highest percentages of elderly in the country — shows that people in the reddest counties are dying at nearly 3.8x the rate of those dying in the bluest counties. 

The problem is people on the right are so fed up with the lies and propaganda coming from the government and MSM about COVID-19 that they are overreacting; refusing to get the vaccine even if they have pre-existing conditions or are very elderly. 

There has been a significant number of high-profile conservatives who died from COVID-19 who were anti-vaccine. It’s clear that many of them had pre-existing conditions or were very old, so perhaps they should have gotten the vaccine. 

I haven’t gotten the vaccine, but I am not that old and am in great health, so I was never at much risk; I weighed the benefits versus the negatives as well as other considerations — like whether I would be around elderly family members before we had testing available — and made the balanced decision not to. There was very little risk I was going to be hospitalized. 

I came down with COVID-19 in the fall, took hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and spent only a couple of days sick in bed. My triple vaxxed lefty friend, who is younger than me and in great health, got COVID-19 shortly after I did and also spent a couple of days in bed — his triple vaccines did nothing for someone like him.  

The left is gloating over unvaccinated conservatives who died from COVID-19. While there isn’t a lot of health information available about any of their pre-existing conditions, it’s apparent from their photos that almost all of them were at least overweight and older. Conservative radio personality Marc Bernier was 65 and significantly overweight. A second conservative radio personality, Phil Valentine, was 61. And a third radio talk show host, Dick Farrel, was 65 and significantly overweight. Valentine and Farrel both expressed regret for being anti-vaccine before they died. 


There’s also a slight similar trend involving other aspects of avoiding COVID-19, such as masks and social distancing. The late Herman Cain, who died before the vaccine became available, spoke out against masks, but he was 74 and was considered high-risk for COVID-19 due to surviving a battle with Stage 4 colon cancer.  Less than two weeks before his death from COVID-19 in July 2020, he attended a Trump rally without a mask, which may be where he contracted it. 

Granted, masks’ efficacy is miniscule, studies show they only stop about 10% of viruses, and even if Cain had worn a mask, it mainly protects others from him, not vice versa. He was surrounded by others at the rally who were unmasked. But if he had been acting like a liberal, he probably would not have attended the massive rally.

The anti-vaccine mentality originated on the left. Its adherents are people like Robert F. Kennedy and Hollywood celebrities. Even the left admits this. A writer for The Daily Beast observed about anti-vaxxers, “What was once the provenance of a few fringe weirdos — mostly on the loony left — has now migrated into the mainstream.” 

The left lies about the right being anti-vaccine. They routinely refer to us as “anti-vaccine” when many of us have gotten the vaccine and merely want it to be a choice. Fox News and Newsmax require that their talk show hosts and employees get the vaccine — or get tested regularly — and so many of their hosts have gotten the vaccine and frequently remind viewers of this while still reinforcing their viewpoint that it should be a choice. Those stations have some of the top voices on the right. How is this “anti-vaccine?”


Perhaps this is why Trump and Candace Owens got into it recently over the vaccine. Trump merely believes a lot of people should get the vaccine, and he doesn’t support a mandate. Trump is booed at rallies telling people to get the vaccine.

Yes, the vaccine mandates are disturbing, especially for the young and healthy, like Biden’s military mandate. The deaths attributed to the vaccine keep creeping up; are now at 10,688 according to the CDC, and many medical professionals have stated that many more aren’t being reported. There are also 1,947 preliminary reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 years and younger. But that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t individually consider weighing the positives versus negatives of getting the shot.

Farrel’s close friend Amy Leigh Hair said she got the vaccine after Farrel was dying and told her she should. She told WPTV, "I was one of one the people like him who didn't trust the vaccine. I trusted my immune system. I just became more afraid of getting COVID-19 than I was of any possible side effects of the vaccine."

The confusion has to stop. Conservatives carrying signs that say “Don’t jab on me” could be construed as being anti-vaxx, not anti-vaxx mandate. Stop letting the MSM refer to us as “anti-vaxx.” It’s a lie. The left doesn’t follow the science with their insistence on mandates, because a lot of young healthy people have died after getting the vaccine. 

On the other hand, let’s not be tricked into ignoring science too, by going in the opposite direction with overreacting merely to spite them. Could the left be deliberately manipulating the right into universally rejecting the vaccine? A respected, well-known political leader told me they believe this is happening.



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