Let the Games Begin

Posted: Jun 06, 2008 12:01 AM
Let the Games Begin

We've now had the victory statement from Barack Obama.

We've now had the non-concession concession from Hillary Clinton.

Will we now get the end or only the "suspension" of her campaign? Does it matter?

And what about Bill? Stay tuned. (Which sounds like the end of a daily soap opera episode.)

Clinton Agonistes still simmers, like a Vesuvius capable of erupting who know when over who knows what.

Will it be Obama-Clinton in '08? The way it was Kennedy-Johnson in '60? Or the way it was McGovern-Eagleton in '72? That pairing didn't even make it to election day.

Will the winsome young senator leave Miss Hillary to twist slowly in the wind for a few weeks? Will she never tire of calculation? Will Michele Obama embrace Hillary Clinton like a sister at the Democratic convention? That'd be something to see.

Having chosen Billary as his running mate(s), will Senator Obama ever rest easy again? Are you nuts?

Palace intrigues have nothing on red-blooded, all-American, no-holds-barred, brass-knuckles, smiles-that-could-kill democratic politics.

No wonder running mates at national conventions appear holding hands high in the sky. It's one way to keep them from stabbing each other in the back.

Democracy unlimited. Endless speculation. What fun. Like the best board game ever invented. The viciousness of Monopoly. Chess without all the pure logic and other bothersome abstractions.

Ah, democracy. The grandest show on earth. Come one, come all. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Just don't get too close to the tigers.