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Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, has reached the inevitable, terminal, conclusion. It has metastasized throughout the Democratic Party. Once reasonable, moderate, members of the party have been steamrolled into joining the never-ending hysteria. The once rational, no matter how disagreeable, speaker has succumbed to the pressure of her most desperate and extremist factions. In fact, there are no factions left in the Democratic Party. Just one malignant cancerous growth. For a party that has spent every day since November 9, 2016 salivating for a reason or opportunity, any opportunity, to impeach their president, they have now settled on the weakest, most illogical, and ultimately self-destructive one of all. That is what TDS has done to the Democrats.


It was early May and the dust had just barely settled from the anti-climactic Mueller Report. Democrat dreams of some mythical Russian collusion suddenly materializing to save them from the consequences of losing a democratic election never came to pass. Through heartbreak and misery, Congressman Al Green said what all Democrats in Washington were thinking, yet none dared say: “I’m concerned if we don't impeach this president, he will get re-elected.” That is the basis of the left’s current impeachment hysteria. The real terror behind their current Ukrainian fantasy. An utter disdain for democracy in action. If they don’t thwart democracy after all, they may never get their way. Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected every corner of their caucus.

Liberals in Congress, and their sycophantic defenders in the media, are not satisfied with their two-year investigation, or witch hunt, into non-existent Russian collusion, and the lack of results it yielded. Sputtering whimpers about emolument violations by Trump, a man who was a billionaire before entering government, have gained no traction outside of the MSNBC-CNN bubble of reality. So now they turn their insatiable appetites for presidential iniquity to a benign phone call between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. The president of the United States merely asking about a former vice president’s involvement with quid pro quo corruption. A last gasp attempt by the left to prevent next year’s re-election. 


At first, the outrage coalition insisted that Trump pressured Zelensky, and that charge promptly evaporated, per Zelensky himself. Then the left absolutely insisted that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo, as Joe Biden has admitted to. But then the White House torpedoed that fantasy by releasing the actual transcript. Finally, with nowhere left to land their runaway impeachment train, the Democrats settled on accusing Trump of digging up dirt on a potential opponent. Apart from being laughable on its face, are the Democrats really proposing that anyone, such as Joe Biden, who wishes to avoid any scrutiny of their illegal activities, simply needs to run for office? Does being a candidate immunize one from corruption investigations?

The truly sad thing is, even Democrats themselves appear not to have faith in their conspiratorial cause du jour. Predicating their faux outrage on an anonymous whistleblower, Democrats have charged President Trump with pressuring Ukraine into, of all things, looking into corruption. Yes, the alleged presidential corruption is looking into Joe Biden’s corruption. And Congressman Adam Schiff has taken the lead. This is the same Adam Schiff who proudly declared last March that he had personally seen the evidence of Russian collusion. Evidence he has still neglected to reveal. 

Last week, Schiff, high atop his perch in the House, read a detailed account of Trump’s overtly pressuring phone call with Zelensky. It was terrible. It was abusive. And most of all, it was completely made up. A product of Schiff’s own, over-active, imagination. A lie. But why? Why would a sitting Congressman, with the actual transcript of the suspect phone call in his own hand, deliberately recite a fantastical tale of malfeasance? Simple. Because the actual transcript shows no malfeasance. Adam Schiff knew definitively that, had he read the actual transcript, even with his bloviating and self-aggrandizing theatrics, it would exonerate the president. Adam Schiff, leading the charge toward impeachment, does not himself have faith in the evidence for such impeachment. Very telling, and probably why he has never produced the evidence of Russian collusion he had personally seen. Finally, now The New York Times reveals that the holy Adam Schiff not only knew of the supposed whistleblower ahead of time, his office actually arranged for a lawyer to draft his complaint. 


Then there’s Speaker Pelosi, the woman who stated, multiple times, that she would not move forward with impeachment absent overwhelming bipartisan support. Until, of course, now. Now she is moving forward with an impeachment inquiry, absent not only bipartisan support, but also without the all too important vote to authorize the impeachment inquiry itself, most likely because she lacks even universal Democrat support. She does of course have her hands full. There are those pesky moderates from districts Trump won that are not too keen on overturning a fair election, coupled with the radical and hysterical elements filling out the bulk of her caucus. If it’s hard enough to herd cats, one can safely presume it’s even harder to herd feral ones. So, off the Democrats go with an impeachment charade that they are not even themselves sold on. Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display.

Consider that the president of Ukraine publicly confirmed that he was never pressured into investigating Biden. Consider the fact that the anonymous whistleblower was not even privy to the phone call he reported. Look at the fact that the whistleblower complaint was edited and prepared by partisans that oppose the president. Keep in mind that there were at least a dozen officials on the call who have not reported any wrongdoing. And, most of all, read the actual transcript of the phone call in question. Either this was the single worst conspiracy in history, or it’s another hysterical hoax. One that the majority of independents, and a large chunk of Democrats, don’t even believe.


If Democrats do not believe in their impeachment fantasies, why should Americans? If Americans do not support the current, and never ending, impeachment hysteria, why do Democrats persist with it? The answer to the former is simple. Americans should not and do not believe the Democrats’ fantasies. To the latter, the answer is equally simple. The Democrats lost, democratically, in 2016, and are all but certain to lose in 2020, and are therefore both fearful and loathsome of the democratic process. Thus, impeachment is their only remaining avenue. Per Al Green, “I’m concerned if we don't impeach this president, he will get re-elected”. Trump Derangement Syndrome has consumed the Democrats entirely. It has reached the terminal Stage IV.

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