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This past Saturday a mentally unhinged gunman walked into a Wal-Mart in El Paso, TX and brutally murdered 22 innocent people. The gunman, who for decency’s sake shall remain nameless, was a deranged white nationalist. The mainstream media and Democrat politicians alike, never ones to let an opportunity to smear Donald Trump go by, even (or especially) in times of national mourning, quickly tried to tie President Trump to the shooter. 


Unlike previous false narratives about the president, this one is especially disgusting. Unlike the Russia Collusion false narrative which became almost comical towards its eventual evaporation with the Mueller Report, this false narrative of some mythical Trumpian racism is disturbing in the exuberance with which the Democrats drive it. Yet it underlines exactly how desperate and hypocritical the Left has become. If Democrats would like to tie President Trump to a crazed individual who possessed, at best, a peripheral view of illegal immigration as he, should we not tie each and every Democratic politician and media elite to each and every disturbed criminal that espouses the same views as they?

Less than one day after the horrors in El Paso, a mentally unstable man walked into a nightclub in Dayton, Ohio and slaughtered nine innocent people. On this occasion, the deranged killer espoused a socialist ideology, an admiration for Elizabeth Warren and a sympathy for the domestic terror network Antifa. Is Elizabeth Warren to blame for this incident? Are the Antifa apologists within the Democratic ranks and media equally as culpable as the shooter? 

On June 16th, Alexandria Cortez likened legal and safe ICE detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps. A short time thereafter an Antifa terrorist firebombed an ICE facility citing AOC in his manifesto. Is Congresswoman Cortez responsible for the cowardly act? Will she change her stance on the dissolution of ICE? Of course, she should she change her stance based on facts and the reality of our immigration crisis, but should the actions of this rogue bomber really be her catalyst for catharsis?


On June 14, 2017 a left-wing activist and strong supporter of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders opened fire on a group of Republican lawmakers practicing for a softball game. Where was the media’s condemnation of Sanders? Where was the outrage at Democratic Socialism?

Ever since the horrific attacks in El Paso, and really since he came onto the political stage, Democrats and the media have tried to paint Donald Trump as a racist. They have demonized him with the most vitriolic slurs. MSNBC host Nicole Wallace stated, on air, President Trump is “talking about exterminating Latinos.” A statement so outlandish, even by MSNBC standards, the host had to subsequently walk it back. Joe Biden, while ignoring his own past, stated, absent any substantive support, that President Trump has, “fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation.” Even soon to be ‘also ran’ Cory Booker went as far as to say, “I want to say with more moral clarity that Donald Trump is responsible for this.” By this standard, can we fairly blame every criminal act in Booker’s native Newark, NJ on Booker himself?

It is both wrong and illogical to blame the acts of the mentally disturbed on the politicians that espouse similar views. This standard is well maintained when it comes to liberal politicians. But not when it comes to Donald Trump. When it comes to Donald Trump, all principles of decency and journalistic integrity go out the window because it fits the Left’s false narrative of President Trump as a maniacal fear mongering racist. 


There is an illegal immigration crisis in this country. Both sides have recognized this, however reluctantly for some. The mere fact that the El Paso shooter went on a racist, misinformed, and wholly inhuman rampage does not equate to the president being in any way aligned with his actions or ideology. If such were the case, then all of the aforementioned Democrats could be held accountable for the actions of their supporters or anyone taking up violence to advance similar, yet distorted, beliefs.

The media and Democratic politicians employ this double standard for two simple reasons. It furthers their perpetual false narrative of Donald Trump as a racist white supremacist while furthering their own political agendas. If you’re going to blame President Trump for the actions of the El Paso shooter and somehow assimilate their views, then you must apply the same standard across the board. Would the Left be okay with that?

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