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If the Democrats had shut out a female candidate like the GOP did in Saturday’s debate in New Hampshire, the whole party and the candidate herself would have screamed accusations of sexism.  Carly Fiorina could have taken that tactic, but she didn’t, because she knew that her sex was not the issue and she knew that fake victimhood would not win her votes or women more respect.  Fiorina is not a woman who relies on her feminity as a crutch for her failures or successes.  She is too strong and independent to make excuses.


Instead, Fiorina argued that she deserved to be in the debate because of her voter support and polling performance, which ranked higher than Chris Christie’s or John Kasich’s, both of whom appeared in the debate.  Like Rand Paul in the Charleston debate, Fiorina was shut out under the pretense of low polling, and the media was complicit.

Speaking of prostituting the democratic process, Madeleine Albright is stumping for Hillary Clinton and charging Democrat women with satanic sexism if they don’t support Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  Albright goes as far as saying that Sanders’ voters are going to Hell for supporting an old, white man over an old, white woman.

Feminist icon Ms. Gloria “Women need men like fish need bicycles” Steinem blames young women’s boy-crazy hormones for supporting Sanders.  The hypocrisy of Albright, an accomplished woman in her own right, and Steinem insulting Democrat women directly confirms that election 2016 continues to be surreal. 

We remember how the androgynous Lena Dunham’s 2012 virginal references to voting for Barack Obama was subliminally insulting and further proved that the Democrats have one approach to appeal to women: their sex lives.  Foreign policy, the Second Amendment, and the tax policy are men’s issues, apparently in the Democrat Party.  If it doesn’t involve the reproductive parts, Democrat women are uninterested.  At least, that is what Democrat leaders would have them believe.


They supported Sandra Fluke’s political theatre portraying herself as the sexually promiscuous law student, who was incapable of taking care of her private life privately.  Befuddled Miss Fluke had no where to turn except to Congress and the American public.  What is a poor law student to do? The cognitive disconnect of feminism adopting the image of the dependent, helpless woman has permeated the Democratic Party, and this election’s young voters are unaware of the irony.

Women struggled actively for over a century to overcome the helpless little female image.  Issues of reproductive rights were presented as private affairs between married couples and their doctors, and should not be matters for legislation.  Early feminist Josephine Butler and other feminists argued that women were capable of taking care of these private matters, and fervently argued that men would do well to “take care” of their private matters in the wake of a sharp rise of syphilis among the gentlemen of the higher social order.

How did feminism U-turn into becoming a Connie Francis song and prompt Steinem to dismiss young women as silly college co-eds looking for “Where the Boys Are” at the Sanders political rallies?  The desperation in Clinton’s campaign must be ripe.

For months, Clinton’s first line of her stump speech was, “It’s time for a woman president,” and the crowds of middle-aged women would scream in ecstasy over the symbolism.  In the debates, when asked how her policies are different from her opponents, Clinton presented herself like a new G.E. refrigerator on the Price is Right and responded haughtily, “Isn’t it obvious?”  The lukewarm response hinted that Clinton’s strategy had a glaring flaw: her record of achievement is weak and her political appeal is low.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is not easy to like, and her political career proves that without her husband’s achievements, she would be a political nobody.


Feminists who claim that they should be successful because of their sex make the same argument that women should not be successful because of their sex.  Sorry, pseudo-feminists.  You cannot have it both ways.  Either you believe in equality or you don’t.

Selling Clinton’s feminist status would be a much stronger sell if she had actually overcome sexism and plowed her own garden. Clinton proves the old, paternalistic stereotype that women who succeed do so by way of their husbands or fathers.  Clinton supporters completely ignore the fact that herpolitical career exists at all because she was the wife of a governor and then the president of the United States.

Mrs. Clinton’s record in the U.S. Senate is unimpressive, and her performance as Secretary of State is disastrous.  Her biggest selling point with Democrat voters is that she is a woman.  That’s all she really can claim to convince voters why she should be elected.  How condescending and pathetic.

Plenty of women are accomplished and deserve a shot at the executive office before Hillary Rodham Clinton.  First of all, they don’t have the history of corruption that the Clintons have built since their radical leftist days in college.  Women in both parties can point to their own achievements without referring to the coattails of their husbands that carried them there.


Equally important, other female political leaders do not have a history of supporting their husbands’ sexual addictions and compulsive sexual harrassment.  Democrats remarkably deny that Bill Clinton is a classic sexual predator, who should have served prison time for rape, sexual assault, and, at the very least, be unhirable for his sexual harrassment in his professional life.

Mrs. Clinton famously pointed out that she wasn’t simply going to “stand by her man,” further insulting American women who honor their marriage vows without regard to their political careers and Tammy Wynette fans.  Mrs. Clinton went much further than that.  She actively attempted to destroy, and succeeded in some cases, the lives and reputations of the women who dared to confront Bill Clinton’s criminal and adulterous behavior: Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, Elizabeth Gracen, Dolly Kyle Browning, Sally Perdue, Lencola Sullivan, Elizabeth Ward, Susie Whitacre, Bobbie Ann William, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky

The Clintons have destroyed more people in the wake of their careers than we can count.  They are the Sweeney Todd and  Nellie Lovett of American politics.  How many others are there that we don’t know about, because people are too afraid to speak out?  The parents. husbands, siblings, and friends of these women who are left powerless against the Clinton political machine.  That is the real war on women in America, to quote Roger Stone’s book title.


As if the insults, condescension, and intellectual dishonesty are not enough as the “Two-for-One” Clintons peddle a bogus feminist argument for Mrs. Clinton’s election as president of the United States, their mercenary political tactics are dangerous to our freedom, the American government, and world stability.  Their disregard for the law and human decency surpass anything that America has seen heretofore in real life or on House of Cards.  (You don’t think either Clinton would push a reporter into an oncoming train to protect their careers?)

If the Clintons were willing to destroy the career and reputation of Billy Dale, the director of the White House travel office, over the most trivial of reasons, imagine what they would be willing to do to Bernie Sanders and his supporters in order to win the White House.


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