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The Democrats Are the Party of the Lie of the Year—but the Party of Healthcare is Donald Trump’s

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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

After making this week’s confirmation hearings all about Obamacare, the Democrats apparently want to win the coveted lie of the year—again. And they’re well on their way to do just that. For as they questioned Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Obamacare, they were lucky not to be questioned themselves: How can they continue to canonize the Lie of the Year and themselves as the saviors of all of us with pre-existing conditions when it’s obvious they’re not geniuses at taking care of us?


They couldn’t make their own Affordable Care Act, affordable. Nor keep their promise we could keep our doctors and our plans. They couldn’t even successfully launch the Obamacare website. And they couldn’t even take care of our veterans. And Joe Biden’s own Chief of Staff said it was pure luck the swine flu pandemic wasn’t more deadly or else the stories of the almost 61 million of us who were infected by it might have ended quite differently.

Contrast that with President Trump’s promise to always protect people with pre-existing conditions. Who were among the first he fought to protect? The terminally ill. We’ve never found ourselves on anyone’s shortlist let alone the President of the United States’. For decades, career politicians like Joe Biden saw people like me as a political liability, not a life worth saving. But to Donald Trump, protecting people with pre-existing conditions is so much more than a clause you take out and campaign on—it’s a cause you take up and fight. Because fighting for your life is what Donald Trump fights for too.

So although Joe Biden may talk about protecting people with pre-existing conditions, the fact is: He hasn’t! He didn’t give us the Right to Try. He didn’t pass VA accountability or choice. He didn’t do anything for people waiting on donor lists for kidney transplants. President Trump got that done. And for the first time in history, people with pre-existing conditions actually have a Patient Advocate as President.


Thanks to President Trump, prescription drug prices have reached a 52-year low—and they’re going to drop even lower with the favored nations clause. The President has actually signed four executive orders to lower prescription drug prices and took executive action to ensure price transparency—which will go into effect January 1stand that’s going to be even bigger than healthcare. President Trump has also approved a record number of generic drugs, saving us approximately $2.6 billion in just the first 18 months. He’s also banned pharmacy gag clauses and required hospitals to post standard prices online. He’s repealed the individual mandate all while expanding association health plans and reimbursement arrangements.

The President has also committed to finding a cure for sickle cell disease by investing in gene therapy. He’s saved countless lives from the opioid epidemic by expanding access to medication-assisted treatment and the life-saving naloxone. In fact, opioid prescriptions have actually decreased by over 35 percent since the President took office in January 2017. By launching, the Trump Administration is also assisting those with substance abuse disorders to find the treatment they need. The President also took executive action to prevent veteran suicides by launching a 24-hour hotline. He’s fired over 9,000 VA officials who were not taking good care of our veterans—and the VA approval rating is now at a record 91 percent. The President has expanded access to tele-health, especially in rural and underserved areas. He also just announced he’s sending prescription drug discounts to over 33 million seniors all while modernizing and strengthening Medicare with more options, more benefits, and substantially lower premiums. And he’s just getting started!


That’s what the Democrats don’t seem to understand. Protecting people with pre-existing conditions isn’t about rhetoric. It’s about results. It’s about lowering the cost of prescription drugs no matter how many millions Big Pharma spends trying to stop you. It’s about putting an end to surprise medical billing. It’s about stopping our reliance on China and bringing our drug production home. It’s about finding cures for childhood cancers and ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It’s about providing better care, more choice and lower costs. It’s about getting done in 47 months what Joe Biden couldn’t do in 47 years.

And people with pre-existing conditions? We know better than anyone the difference between politicians fighting for our votes—and a President fighting for our lives.

So if the Democrats really want to make the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett as well as the election on November 3 all about Obamacare, we the people with pre-existing conditions say: bring it on.

The Democrats are the Party of the lie of the year—but the Party of health care is Donald Trump’s.

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