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It’s not like he didn’t tell us. 

It’s not like all the warning signs were not there for all of us to see. 

Barak Obama’s now infamous words, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” have come true. Remember when he told Joe the Plumber “we just have to spread the wealth around”? Well, he spoke the truth. Like in “The Wizard of Oz”; “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”; we believed the media when they downplayed Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. 

Move on, there is nothing to see here. 

America bought it hook line and sinker and now it is becoming crystal clear.  Obama's plan is working and in three and a half years he has taken America in a completely different direction and the results are disastrous.

This is no accident.  Obama and his minions in the White House along with his many Czars are not stupid people.  On the contrary, they are “scary” smart and dangerous to our liberty. 

I wonder how many people who scoffed at the idea that Obama means to collapse the system are now re-evaluating their position.  Because we can turn a blind eye no longer; this could be a deliberate and calculated effort.  

If he isn’t deliberately overwhelming the U.S. economy to create economic crisis, social chaos (class warfare/Occupy Wall Street) and systemic failure, his plan at least is creating the conditions for it. 

Here are some numbers and facts:

#1.  The unemployment rate is holding steady at over 8%, currently at 8.3. The number of people who are unemployed, meaning they are 16 or older, not in the military, a prison or a mental institution, and have actively looked for a job in the last four weeks jumped by 45,000 during the month of June, climbing from 12,749,000 to 12,794,000 in July.  During July, the number of people who simply left the labor force (150,000) exceeded the number of newly employed (45,000) by more than two to one (105,000).  The real unemployment rate is 15% or more.

#2.  There were 45 million people on food stamps in 2011 and that number has expanded in the first half of 2012.  It is expected to continue to rise over the next few years.  More people are receiving government assistance than ever before.  Half of all American households are receiving government aid.

#3 We now have a 16 trillion dollar national debt.  If spending continues at this pace it won’t take long before the system collapses under its own weight. 

#4  Obama passed Obamacare in the midst of the worst economy in a hundred years.  He didn’t care that giving 30 million people health care will eventually add to the national debt.  That is part of his plan.  Overwhelm the system.

#5 Legalize 12 million illegal aliens.  That will just add more votes to the Democrat party; and burden the education, health and welfare system even more.  It’s all part of the plan.

#6 Redistribute the income.  Raise taxes on the small business people and job creators.  Let’s just punish success and reward the takers.  It won’t be long before the tipping point is reached and there are more takers than givers.  Four more years of Obama will insure that.      

These points are right out of the playbook of Cloward and Piven.  These are the two Columbia professors who outlined the plan to overwhelm the system with entitlement and government spending. They envisioned a socialist utopia and according to their playbook, it is working.  Barak Obama worships at their altar and he follows the steps to socialism religiously.  The far left socialist Marxists have been planning this for years and now they are seeing their dreams come to fruition.  You have to give them one thing, they don’t give up.

Not only is our domestic policy being dismantled, but our foreign policy is suffering as well.  This administration doesn’t want America to be a leading force in the world.  In fact they will do everything in their power to weaken our capabilities and to reach out to enemies who intend to destroy us and our allies. 

As Glenn Beck says, “the middle east is on fire!”  One by one we are seeing countries in chaos. This chaos is being created to build instability in the region.  Unease and fear, all of this is in the playbook that is being followed.  Israel is tense and has its finger on the trigger pointing at Iran.  Syria is crumbling by the day and the Arab Spring has all but turned into a frigid winter.

The media and the left are feeling so confident in their success that they aren’t even trying to hide it any longer.  Is anything more arrogant than the words caught on an open mike to Russian president Medvedev stating that he (Obama) will be able to do more after he is re-elected?  Excuse me, but there wasn’t even a Republican nominee at the time!

Take heed in his recent words where he boldly told us the truth. “We tried our plan and it worked.”

America, for the future of our country, he must fail.



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