NARAL: The National Association for Reproducing Activist Lesbians

Posted: Oct 13, 2014 12:01 AM

Abortion is a fundamental right. Especially if you're a lesbian. If you don't believe me then just ask Amy Schlag and Katie Peel. They are the "married" couple that controls forty percent of UNCW's five-office diversity industrial complex. Amy (the husband) runs the LGBTQIA Office. Katie (the wife) runs the Women's Resource Center.

I began to get the idea that these two women were really worried about getting pregnant when Amy started to use her LGBTQIA Office to advocate for abortion. Last year, she sponsored a film that defended late term abortionists as well as the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion.

Amy has had a lot of help with her political activities. In addition to the taxpayer funding, she had Katie to help the LGBTQIA Office campaign against Amendment One in 2012. The pending piece of legislation if passed (and it later did) would have prevented North Carolina from recognizing same-sex "marriages." Because Amy and Katie were "married" in Massachusetts and wanted their "marriage" recognized in North Carolina, they had an emotional and financial interest in defeating the legislation.

So Katie decided to use university resources to campaign against the amendment. She even went so far as to organize rallies using university mass email privileges borrowed from Amy. There's one small problem with that: it is completely illegal.

Fortunately, Katie was caught violating the law. Later, university personnel assured me that she had been reprimanded. I seriously doubt she was. The UNCW administration rarely tells the truth. They don't even believe in the truth. The official university religion is moral relativism.

Predictably, instead of firing Katie Peel, the university decided to reward her illegal campaigning by making her a UNCW administrator. This summer, they announced she would be the new director of the WRC. That means she no longer has to borrow Amy's political slush fund. Now, she gets her own.

Since assuming the position, Katie has started advancing WRC programs that advocate abortion and homosexuality. And when she does Amy co-sponsors the events in her role as director of the LGBT, etc. Office. When Amy sponsors programs that advocate abortion and homosexuality, Katie co-sponsors the events in her role as director of the WRC.

In other words, these two lesbian activists really have found a way to be fruitful and multiply. It's a matching slush fund made in heaven!

But the honeymoon is about to come to an end because (predictably) Katie has once again become overzealous and abused her discretion. And she has certainly abused common sense when sending emails from her work address.

In a recent email, Peel announced a WRC event sponsored in conjunction with the student NARAL chapter. The problem is that Peel admitted that the student group was "affiliated" with the WRC. In other words, her administrative office has chosen sides in the abortion debate and decided to officially sponsor a student group. News flash: You can't do that.

But the problem is actually much worse. The WRC previously denied website access to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center, or CPC. When accused of viewpoint discrimination, a previous director of the WRC provided a viewpoint neutral justification. The center denied any animus towards CPCs. But the recent NARAL film was specifically attacking CPCs as being harmful to women. And the WRC sponsored it. The cat is now out of the bag.

North Carolina taxpayers are tiring of this hypocritical non-sense. It's time someone called these self-righteous pro-baby killing bigots on the carpet. I've already made a few phone calls to the legislature and to my friends in a certain legal organization that knows UNCW well.

I hope our new chancellor is reading this column. And I hope he steps in fast. It’s hurricane season. Another storm is brewing here at UNC by the Sea.