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The Judgment of Future Generations

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Everyone must be judged from time to time. It's a fact of life. Nonetheless, I'm getting tired of judgmental statements directed toward me for my unwavering defense of marriage. I'm talking about real marriage between one man and one woman, which is the only kind of marriage that really exists.


People often try to call something a marriage when it isn't. Calling a union between two men or between two women a marriage doesn't make it one. It's like embedding the name "Jesus Christ" in the official title of the LDS church and thinking that makes Mormonism somehow Christian. Call a square a triangle if you like but it's still a square. Your hardheadedness won't make it become a triangle. It will only make you appear obtuse.

Of course, the marriage destroyers are not content merely to call non-marriages "marriages" as part of their ongoing effort to denigrate the institution. They also insist that everyone else do the same. And when we don't, we incur the wrath of the godless. While accusing others of being judgmental, they will cast judgment upon all others. But for this generation of leftists that isn't enough. Increasingly, they have insisted on invoking the judgment of "future generations" as well. Let me provide three examples:

1. During a debate last October, a liberal historian told me that those who oppose same-sex “marriage” will be "shamed by history for their refusal to join in this great cause for civil rights." The great cause was, of course, destroying marriage for everyone, black and white alike.


2. A retired professor living in my community said opponents of same-sex “marriage” are "hopelessly bigoted." He also said that "after we are gone" the next generation will look back and ask "what were you thinking?" to those who opposed redefining marriage. He didn't specify how we will answer after we are "gone." That’s a strange argument coming from a self-professed philosophical naturalist.

3. Finally, a man I've never met bombed my Facebook fan page with several angry remarks on the issue. He concluded by telling me that my bigotry would not escape "the judgment of future generations." In a fit of judgmental bigotry, I banned him from my page forever. I couldn't help it. I guess I was born with the anti-gay agenda gene.

These references to how I will be remembered are getting spooky. Maybe I'm dying soon and everybody knows it but me. Just in case, let me get something straight about what I want my legacy to be. Put simply, I want to be remembered as someone who feared the judgment of an eternal God more than he feared the judgment of future generations.

With all the peer pressure surrounding the marriage issue that’s what it boils down to in America. I guess you could say that we now have a divide between two kinds of people. There are: a) those who fear the judgment of man and b) those who fear the judgment of God.


There are good reasons why the latter do not need to be intimidated by the former. First and foremost is the rank hypocrisy of the man-fearers. The same people who invoke the "fear of future generations" argument also support abortion, which tends to dismember future generations before they can judge anyone. These future generation fearers are also the ones running up the national debt with entitlements that only the present generation will have a chance to enjoy.

So I say to my critics, keep living in the present and treating the culture like a giant ATM machine. Withdraw often, never make a deposit, and redefine institutions in order to accommodate your sex life. But stop feeding me this nonsense about your concern for future generations.

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